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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Niche Publications and Subcultural Authenticity: The case of Stealth MagazineBlight, David; Department of Media and Communications
7-Jun-2013Nicholas Lynar - LAB REPORT 2 - Digital Audio SystemsNicholas, Lynar
2-Dec-2008Nigel Kellaway 1994-2007 selected work recordsKellaway, Nigel; Department of Performance Studies
2007Nighlink – Public transport for the party crowdMoogan, Erin; Blake, Paul; Bradley, Peter
2008NIH Data and Resource Sharing, Data Release and Intellectual Property Policies for Genomics Community Resource ProjectsDriscoll, Claire
28-Apr-2014The nineteenth-century aesthetics of violin composition in bohemia and moravia: a comparison of the repertoire for violin and piano by Antonín Dvořák and Leoš JanáčekGill, Rebecca
2001NIR: a key component of the Premium Grains for Livestock ProjectFlinn, P. C
2000Nirvana of tradition : the rebirth of courtyard housing in BeijingZhao, Yan
28-Mar-2013Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Redistribution in High-Yielding cotton.Errington, Meredith
1984Niue public dental health services: an evaluation 1965-1983Pulu, Asu I; Faculty of Dentistry
14-May-2014NMR Data for Synthesis of Spiro Tuberculosis Drug LeadsBadiola, Katrina; Todd, Matthew
2002NMR DIFFUSION MEASUREMENTS OF COMPARTMENTALIZED AND MULTICOMPONENT BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS: Studies of Tropoelastin, the Self Association of N Methylacetamide, and q-Space Analysis of Real and Model Cell SuspensionsRegan, David Gabriel
30-May-2012No child left behind - In FinlandBabones, Salvatore
2012No evidence or no alternative? Taking responsibility for off-label prescribingGhinea, N; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Day, R
2012No increased risk of caesarean or instrumental delivery for nulliparous women who have epidural analgesia early in (term) labourTorvaldsen, S; Roberts, Christine L.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
15-Oct-2014No more tar sands, no offshore drilling, no hydraulic fracturing and definitely no more coalBabones, Salvatore
2005No new Utopia? : the crisis of art as critique under globalisationGawronski, Alex; Sydney College of the Arts
2010No Place for Self: Rethinking Indigenous malaise in Neo-liberal Political EconomyMurphy, Breda; Department of Anthropology
Jun-2010No way to live: Women’s experiences of negotiating the family law system in the context of domestic violenceLaing, Lesley
17-Apr-2015No, you don’t have to finish all your antibioticsGilbert, GL