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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Apr-2013Molecular determinants of melanoma progression and prognosisSCHRAMM, Sarah-Jane
2008Molecular diversity at QTLs for pre-harvest sprouting resistance in spring wheat using microsatellite markersFofana B; Humphreys G; Rasul G; Cloutier S; Somers D
2008Molecular diversity; structure and association mapping in a collection of synthetic hexaploid wheatOgbonnaya FC; Ye G; Emebiri LC; Trethowan R; van Ginkel M
1997Molecular dynamics simulation of thin liquid filmsJabbarzadeh Khoei, Ahmad
2006Molecular ecology and phylogeny of protistan algal symbionts from coralsMoore, Robert Bruce
2008Molecular evaluation of genetic diversity using gliadin alleles in Iranian landrace wheat Triticum aesativum L.Salavati A; Sameri H; Boushehri, Ali akbar Shah-Nejat; Yazdi-Samadi B
Jul-2014Molecular evidences that Heterotermes tenuis should be a species complexCarrijo, Tiago; Morales, Adriana; Cancello, Eliana
Jul-2014Molecular evolution of immune genes in the invasive Argentine antPaviala, Jenni; Helantera , Heikki; Pedersen, Jes S.; Viljakainen, Lumi
Jul-2014Molecular evolution of the honey bee brain transcription regulatory networkMolodtsova, Daria; Zayed, Amro
2005Molecular genetic characterization of the equine angiotensin-converting enzyme geneEllis, Natasha Anne
22-Dec-2004Molecular Genetics of HyperparathyroidismHowell, Viive Maarika
18-Feb-2014Molecular investigation of mycobacterium tuberculosis and the critical cell wall lipase culp6SHANAHAN, Erin Rose
2008Molecular mapping and marker-assisted improvement of rust resistance in the Australian wheat germplasmCakir M; Drake-Brockman F; Shankar M; Golzar H; McLean R; Bariana H; Wilson R; Barclay I; Moore C; Jones M; Loughman R
2008Molecular mapping of leaf rust resistance gene Lr15 in bread wheatGupta VS; Khan RR; Rajwade AV; Reddy DMR; Hosmani P; Chavan S; Dholakia BB; Lagu MD; Tamhankar SA; Rao VS; Saini RG
2008Molecular marker analysis of Lr34 in Canada Western Red Spring wheat cultivarsMcCallum BD; Somers DJ; Humphreys DG; Cloutier S
2008A molecular marker closely lined to the male sterile Ms2 gene in common wheat (Triticum aestivum)Cao W; Somers DJ; Fedak G
Mar-2004Molecular Marker Development for LMA determinant in Spica and CranbrookTan, Mui-Keng; Value Added Wheat CRC
Mar-2004Molecular marker development for seed dormancy in white wheatTan, Mui-Keng; Value Added Wheat CRC
31-Aug-2014Molecular mechanism of muscle weakness in congenital myopathy caused by mutations in TPM3 and LMOD3Kreissl, Michaela
Jul-2014Molecular mechanism of self-sacrificing gall repair by soldier aphidsKutsukake, Mayako; Shigenobu, Shuji; Meng, Xian-Ying; Fukatsu, Takema