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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005New Concessions Of Urban Railway Systems In SpainMartín., Dr. Clara Zamorano; González, Julián Sastre
2001A New Craniofacial Diagnosistic Technique; The Sydney Diagnostic System (Sds)Moate, Stephen James; Faculty of Dentistry
4-Oct-2002A New Deal? Indigenous development and the politics of recoveryLangton, Marcia
Nov-2006New directions in the psychology of coaching: The integration of mindfulness training into evidence-based coaching practiceSpence, Gordon B
2007The new discrimination and child careApps, Patricia; Hill, Elizabeth; Pocock, Barbara; Elliott, Alison
1990New examination of Samaritan origins and identity in the light of recent scholarshipChang, Choon Shik
2013A New Faith? Rights Agitation, National Aspirations and Self-Determination in the Soviet Periphery, 1965-1985Stormont, Nathan Alexander; Department of History
2008A new flowering time gene on wheat chromosome 3B characterization and genetic mappingPánková K; Milec Z; Prášil IT; Prášilová P; Snape JW
Jul-1991A new framework for the closed shop in Australian industrial relationsZappalà, Gianni
Sep-2008New Genetic Variation and Markers - Final Report Project 4.1.1Turner, Matthew; Value Added Wheat CRC
28-Jun-2012The new Gilded Age: The 21st century in reviewBabones, Salvatore
May-1990New Industrial Relations Procedures and Work Reform in Australian Shipping 1982-1990Morris, Richard
Nov-2000The new industrial relations, teacher unions and educational reformChadbourne, Rod
Jan-2012New Insights into Conditional Cooperation and Punishment from a Strategy Method ExperimentCheung, Stephen L.; School of Economics
8-Jun-2012A New Institutional Economics Approach to Water Resource ManagementSharma, Dhruv
1995A new integrated approach for operability analysis of chemical plantsBahri, Parisa A; Department of Chemical Engineering
Jan-2004A New Keynesian Perspective of Monetary Policy Implementation in AustraliaLeu, Shawn; Economics
Nov-2012The New Keynesian view of aggregate demand: some reflections from a Sraffian standpointWhite, Graham; School of Economics
FoS_147.TIF.jpg6-Jul-1964New light on space hazards-