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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Narrative comprehension in Kindergarten: an analysis of talk about narratives by children differing in early literacy developmentMarkowiak, Anthea N
20-May-2010Narrative Form and Mediaeval Continuity In The Percy Folio Manuscript: A Study Of Selected PoemsSt. Clair-Kendall, S. G. (Stella Gwendolen)
Mar-2008A narrative landscape of a teacher's perception of the 'other' in a Korean Christian University : the courage to 'be' and to learnYoo, Joanne
2005Narrative research in health and illness [book review]Jordens, C
2014Narrative, ideology and social reform in George MacDonald’s books for childrenJarrar, Osama Tawfeeq
2013Narratives of locative technologies as memory assemblages.Oliveira, Andreia Machado; Rebolledo, Felix; Hildebrand, Hermes Renato; Foglia, Efrain
2014Narratives of Marriage and Migration: Thai Women in Cross-Cultural Relationships in AustraliaTao, Hsiao Hsuan
30-Jun-2011Narratives on managerial mobilisation of Non-financial Performance Information in a financial institutionMurthy, Vijaya Sundari
1980Nasopharyngeal conditions and dentofacial morphologyTsui, Michael Fuk Sun; Faculty of Dentistry
2004Nasty Noises: ‘Error’ as a Compositional ElementGard, Stephen
2004Natatorial art : a social history of swimming in Sydney to the outbreak of the Second World WarAllan, Jean
24-Oct-2000National field evaluation of pooled faecal culture - interim report 24 October 00.-
Jun-2006National literature, regional manifestations: Contemporary Indonesian language poetry from West JavaCampbell, Ian Frank
2006The National Recording Project for Indigenous Performance in Australia: year one in reviewMarett, Allan; Yunupingu, Mandawuy; Langton, Marcia; Gumbula, Neparrŋa; Barwick, Linda; Corn, Aaron
1976National revolution in north Sumatra : Sumatra Timur and Topanuli, 1942-1950Van Langenberg, Michael John; Faculty of Arts
2011National Television in Putin's Russia - The Media's Changing Role in Society and the Consolidation of Competitive AuthoritarianismSokolovskaja, Margarita; Department of Government and International Relations
Oct-1992National wages policy & workplace wage determination - the critical issues: proceedings from National Wages Policy & Workplace Wage Determination - the Critical Issues Conference, held in Melbourne, May 28th & 29th 1992 organised by ACIRRT & CEPR-
2001National Workshop on Control Strategies : a review of the NSW approach. 17 and 18 April, 2001 – AMA House, Barton ACT.National Ovine Johne’s Disease Control and Evaluation Program
1962Native education in the Northern Territory of Australia : a critical account of its aims, development and present positionEdwards, Neil Russell
12-Feb-2014Natural Cycles and the StarsDianne, Johnson