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Jul-2014The paradox of supercolonies in ant invasionsPedersen, Jes Soe; Pontieri, Luigi; Huszar, Dora B.
Aug-2004Paradoxes of significance: Australian casualisation and labour productivityBuchanan, John
cosmepic29.tif.jpg27-Mar-2006Paraguay. Escuela rural (Rural school)-
2000A Parallel Navier Stokes Solver for Natural Convection and Free Surface FlowNorris, Stuart Edward
Jul-2014Parallel processing of olfactory information in social HymenopteraRoessler, Wolfgang; Kropf, Jan; Brill, Martin F.
2004A Parallel Solution Adaptive Implementation of the Direct Simulation Monte Carlo MethodWishart, Stuart Jackson
1990Parameter estimation in on-line optimisationKrishnan, Sheila; Department of Chemical Engineering
18-Jun-2014The Parameters and Modulation of Vocal Vibrato SynthesisKumar, Nishta
2005Parameters For Defining And Inspecting Adequate Public Road Transport Passenger Services In Brazil: Verification Of The Juridical Scope And Bidding/Contracts To DateSouza de Sá, Adolfo Luiz; Brasileiro, Anísio; Aragão, Joaquim
6-Jun-2011Parametric Eq, Shelving Eq Lab 2 / Written Assignment 2 Digital Equaliser/Crossover Unit for Car Audio SystemsGonzalez, Alejandro
Jan-2007Parametric POMDPs for planning in continuous state spacesBrooks, Alex
Jul-2014Parasite-induced changes in host behavior and gene expression after infectionLerp, Hannes; Mazur, Johanna; Binder, Harald; Beros, Sara; Foitzik, Susanne; Feldmeyer, Barbara
Jul-2014Parasites and genetic diversity in an invasive bumblebeeJones, Catherine; Brown, Mark J.F.
2005Paratransit Regulation In Rio De Janeiro: A Comparison Of Two SurveysGonçalves Pereira, Carolina; de Araújo, Ayres Miranda; de Camargo Braga, Marilita Gnecco; Balassiano, Ronaldo
Jul-2014Parent-of-origin effects on gene expression in honey bees.Hunt, Greg; Kocher, Sarah; Tsuruda, Jennifer; Arechavaleta-Velasco, Miguel; Grozinger, Christina
15-Jan-2009Parents as consumers of early childhood education and care: the feasibility of demand-led improvements to qualitySumsion, Jennifer; Goodfellow, Joy
16-Sep-2014Parents' perceptions of risk and the influence on children's everyday activitiesNiehues, Anita Nelson
19-Jun-2013Parents' views on food study: Feedback to participating centresPetrunoff, Nicholas; Wilkenfeld, Rachel; King, Lesley; Flood, Vicki; PANORG
1997Parsifal and homosexuality : a study of the reception of Parsifal as a homoerotic textGibson, Robert R
12-Nov-2010Part 1 Introduction: Language policy and planningHobson, John