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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jan-2014Molecular and Cellular Determinants of Neovascularisation and Vascular RepairCHAN, Kim Hoe
17-Jun-2014Molecular and hormonal studies on molecules involved In the maintenance of uterine epithelial polarity in the ratMadawala, Romanthi Jessica
4-Nov-2013Molecular and host specificity studies of Puccinia Striiformis in AustraliaBailey, Jordan
Jul-2014Molecular and neural basis of chemosensation in the ant Cerapachys biroiMcKenzie, Sean; Oxley, Peter; Kronauer, Daniel
30-Oct-2013Molecular Approaches for Improving Subunit Vaccines againstKAO, Fan
2002Molecular aspects of biomolecule structure and functionRodger, Alison
25-Oct-2005Molecular Basis Of Cold-Induced Pollen Sterility In RiceDolferus, Rudy
25-Oct-2005Molecular Basis Of Cold-Induced Pollen Sterility In Rice.Dolferus, Rudy
25-Mar-2013The molecular basis of mouse adaptation and virulence by human enterovirus 71Zaini, Zainun
2008Molecular characterization of a Triticum timopheevii introgression in a Wentworth/Lang populationLehmensiek A; Bovill WD; Banks PM; Sutherland MW
2008Molecular characterization of Cyclophilin B genes and promoter sequences in wheat and riceWu H; Bhave M
Jul-2014Molecular characterization of Nasutitermes similis and Nasutitermes guayanae using 16SrRNARibeiro, Rullian; Carrijo, Tiago; Cancello, Eliana; Correa e Castro, Adriana
2014Molecular characterizations of PCR-positive Mycoplasma pneumoniae specimen collected from Australia and China.Xue G, G; Wang, Q; Yan, C; Jeoffreys, N; Wang, L; Gilbert, GL; Sun, H
2004Molecular Detection Of Disseminated Tumour Cells In Blood And Lymph Nodes In Patients With Head And Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma; Correlation With Clinical And Pathological Factors And Its Effect On Patients OutcomeWimardhani, Yuniardini; Faculty of Dentistry
2-Apr-2013Molecular determinants of melanoma progression and prognosisSCHRAMM, Sarah-Jane
2008Molecular diversity at QTLs for pre-harvest sprouting resistance in spring wheat using microsatellite markersFofana B; Humphreys G; Rasul G; Cloutier S; Somers D
2008Molecular diversity; structure and association mapping in a collection of synthetic hexaploid wheatOgbonnaya FC; Ye G; Emebiri LC; Trethowan R; van Ginkel M
1997Molecular dynamics simulation of thin liquid filmsJabbarzadeh Khoei, Ahmad
2006Molecular ecology and phylogeny of protistan algal symbionts from coralsMoore, Robert Bruce
2008Molecular evaluation of genetic diversity using gliadin alleles in Iranian landrace wheat Triticum aesativum L.Salavati A; Sameri H; Boushehri, Ali akbar Shah-Nejat; Yazdi-Samadi B