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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Much Ado about NothingFitzpatrick, Tim; Department of Performance Studies
2011Much Ado About Nothing: British Non-Intervention During The American Civil WarLevin, Joshua; Department of History
1978The mucosa of the hard palate under the denture baseWinspear, William James; Faculty of Dentistry
23-Aug-2011A Multi Criteria Decision Analytic (MCDA) approach to combining evidence and patient preferences for cancer prevention and treatment: an application to prostate cancer screeningSalkeld, Glenn
30-May-2014Multi-Band Limiter Matlab FunctionsNirwandar, Rizkirrahman
18-Jun-2014Multi-Band Limiter Value to Production Chain and Its Processing LimitationNirwandar, Rizkirrahman
26-May-2014Multi-band ReverberationSzwec, Craig
3-Mar-2008A multi-case study of the ways music learning is used to meet the social, emotional and cultural challenges experienced by refugees and asylum seekers in SydneySebastian, Samantha
Jul-2014Multi-criteria decision making in slime mould amoebas and ant coloniesLatty, Tanya; Beekman, Madeleine
10-Mar-2015A Multi-dimensional Examination of Strategic Competence in the Lexico-grammar Test Performance of Chinese EFL University StudentsBi, Nick Zhiwei
7-Jun-2013Multi-Effects in MATLABManoleskos, Michael
2009A Multi-Modal Public Transport Solution For Male, MaldivesKumarage, Amal S.; Jayaratne, M.D.R.P.
10-May-2012Multi-mode CompressorStedman, Christopher
Apr-2007Multi-Objective and Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems using Hierarchical Asynchronous Parallel Multi-Objective Evolutionary AlgorithmsDamp, Lloyd Hollis
2009Multi-Scale Morphodynamic Assessment of an Embayed Low Energy Estuarine Beach, Shoal Bay, Port Stephens, NSWHarris, Daniel; School of Geosciences
11-Feb-2014Multi-target tracking using appearance models for identity maintenanceMorton, Peter Michael
6-Jun-2011Multiband Compressor Function FileMathew, McGrory
6-Jun-2011Multiband Compressor Manual PageMathew, McGrory
30-May-2014Multiband FlangerBasa, Tony