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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Nov-2005Measurement Of Losses From On-Farm Channels And DrainsAkbar, Saud
19-Nov-2008The Measurement of Threats to Patient Safety in Australian General PracticeMakeham, Meredith Anne Blatt
11-Feb-2014The measurement properties of the original Barthel Index : A systematic reviewWyatt, Elizabeth; Wales, Kylie; Discipline of Occupational Therapy
7-Apr-2015Measuring and understanding older people's preferences for health interventionsRodrigues Costa Franco, Marcia
2011Measuring beliefs about gluten free diet adherence in adult coeliac disease using the theory of planned behaviourSainsbury, Kirby; Mullan, Barbara
Jun-1995Measuring Consumer Surplus with Unknown Hicksian DemandsIrvine, I.J.; Sims, W.A.; Economics
12-Nov-2012Measuring Rural Food Environments Within Murrumbidgee Health Network, NSW.Innes-Hughes, Christine; Boylan, Sinead; Lobb, Elizabeth; King, Lesley; PANORG
12-Nov-2012Measuring Rural Food Environments Within Murrumbidgee Health Network, NSW: Methodology.Boylan, Sinead; Innes-Hughes, Christine; Lobb, Elizabeth; King, Lesley; PANORG
31-Aug-2007Measuring sleep and neurobiological functional parameters in patients with obstructive sleep apneaWong, Keith Keat Huat
May-1985Measuring Underutilisation of Labour Beyond Unemployment StatisticsRoss, Russell T.; Economics
25-Aug-2008Meat trays, marginalisation and the mechanisms of social capital creation: An ethnographic study of a licensed social club and its older usersSimpson-Young, Virginia
2008Mechanical Behaviour Of Human Enamel And The Relationship To Its Structural And Compositional CharacteristicsHe, Lihong; Faculty of Dentistry
19-May-2008Mechanical behaviour of human enamel and the relationship to its structural and compositional characteristicsHe, Lihong
1983Mechanical Methods For Individual Removal Of Dental Plaque From The TeethSoentoko, Arni; Faculty of Dentistry
1985The mechanical principles of cavity preparation for posterior cast gold restorations : to be presented as section A - Review of the literature, section B -Original contributionHyde, P. F; Faculty of Dentistry
1972Mechanical Properties Of Begg Spur Torquing ArchesScully, W. Lawrence; Faculty of Dentistry
29-Mar-2007Mechanism and Modelling of the Partial Oxidation of Methanol over SilverSchlunke, Anna Delia
Jul-2014A Mechanism for Value-Sensitive Decision-MakingMarshall, James
Feb-2007Mechanism of action of emergency contraceptive pillNovikova, Natalia
31-Mar-2014Mechanisms of action of novel analgesic drugs in pain pathwaysSadeghi, Mahsa