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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2010No way to live: Women’s experiences of negotiating the family law system in the context of domestic violenceLaing, Lesley
17-Apr-2015No, you don’t have to finish all your antibioticsGilbert, GL
Nobel_001.TIF.jpg6-Apr-2009Nobel Prize certificate awarded to Sir Robert Robinson-
DEF8-3.tif.jpg3-Jul-2007Nocturne. For two guitars. [From A. Gutmann]Zani de Ferranti, Marco Aurelio
FoS_192.TIF.jpg10-May-1965The noisy world of nature-
2011Nominate Your Poison: Black conservative discourse on Prohibition in The New York AgeOliver, Elizabeth; Department of History
DEF15-3.tif.jpg9-Jul-2007Non piu mesta accando al fuoco. Fantaisie pour guitare (en Mi) par Zani de FerrantiZani de Ferranti, Marco Aurelio
Jul-2014Non-Coding RNAs in Honey Bee Phenotypic Caste DeterminationAshby, Regan; Foret, Sylvain; Searle, Iain; Maleszka, Ryszard
2006A non-destructive approach for breast cancer diagnosis and pathological strategy using infrared and raman spectroscopyTam, Koman Kwok-Man.; School of Chemistry
Jul-2014Non-destructive estimation of Oecophylla smaragdina colony biomassPinkalski, Christian; Offenberg, Joachim; Jensen, Karl-Martin; Gislum, Rene; Damgaard, Christian; Peng, Renkang
Jul-2014Non-elemental learning in honeybees: how specific?Devaud, Jean-Marc; Giurfa, Martin
2001Non-governmental organization and building communitySogawa, Sanae; Behavioural & Social Sciences in Health
26-Aug-2010Non-invasive ventilation during exerciseMenadue, Collette
6-Mar-2014Non-Noble Metal Electrocatalysts for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel CellLeonardy, Adrianus
31-Mar-2013Non-Parametric Learning for Monocular Visual OdometryCampanholo Guizilini, Vitor
13-Jan-2010Non-predicating adjectives: a semantic accountde Zwaan, Alan; Department of Linguistics
2002Non-Shelter Outcomes of Housing: A Case Study of the Relationships between Housing and Children's SchoolingYoung, Peter George
12-Dec-2008Noncooperative and Cooperative Transmission Schemes with Precoding and BeamformingHardjawana, Wibowo
Dec-1980Nonjoint TechnologiesKohli, Ulrich R.; Economics