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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1960Masyarakat NagaMisbah
1960Masyarakat Negla PojokSjahidin
1960Masyarakat Nelayan Pulau PanggangMohd Muchtar
1960Masyarakat Perkebunan Karet TjurugShaminan Obos
1960Masyarakat Peuntas WetanSiti Djuwariah
1999Matching Funding to Outcomes: Incentive Based Contracts for Passenger TransportMein, Barry
Sep-2010Matching Markets with Mixed Ownership: The Case for A Real-life Assignment MechanismGuillén, Pablo; Kesten, Onur
Jul-2014Matedness does not matter in queenship formation in Polistes snelleni.Yamasaki, Kazuhisa; Akino, Toshiharu; Mizuno, Takahumi; Tsuchida, Koji
2011Material Matters: The Moral Imperative for a Large‐Scale Perspective within the Archaeology of the Contemporary Past.Dharmendra, Ben; Department of Archaeology
15-May-2013Material objects of paintWagstaff, Brooke Elizabeth
2001The Maternal AbjectAstore, Mireille
2012Maternal and infant characteristics by mode of vitamin K prophylaxis administrationKhambalia, A.Z.; Roberts, Christine L.; Bowen, J.R.; Nassar, N; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
29-Aug-2013Maternal involvement in a nurse home visiting program to prevent child maltreatmentFlemington, Tara Jane
2008Maternal lineages in polyploid wheat species inferred from organeller DNA fingerprintingMori N; Ishii T; Hidehira Y; Kondo Y; Watatani H; Ohmichi Y; Kawahara T; Nakamura C
8-Jul-2009Mateship and Money-Making: Shearing in Twentieth Century AustraliaO'Malley, Timothy Rory
15-Dec-2014The mathematical knowledge and beliefs of pre-service primary teachers in Hong KongLo, Wing Yee
5-Mar-2013The Mathematicus of Bernardus SilvestrisStone, Deirdre M
Jul-2014The mating biology of social insectsden Boer, Susanne; Hartke, Tamara; Baer, Boris
Jul-2014Mating biology of the ant Myrmica ruginodisWolf, Jana; Seppa, Perttu
2011Matlab code for Community detection in graphs using singular value decompositionSarkar, Somwrita; Dong, Andy