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1980Modelling the microwave landing system (MLS) at 104GHzOreb, Bozenko Frank; School of Electrical Engineering
22-Jul-2013Modelling the spatial-temporal variation of forest carbon storage in the urban/peri-urban fringes of North-West SydneyZou, Xing Long
Sep-1996Modelling the US$/A$ Exchange Rate Using Cointegration TechniquesKarfakis, C.; Phipps, Anthony; Department of Economics
14-Feb-2010Modelling vehicle emissions from an urban air-quality perspective:testing vehicle emissions interdependenciesDabbas, Wafa M
2006Models and Estimation for Phylogenetic TreesAbabneh, Faisal M
12-Dec-2007Models as mindtools for environmental education: How do students use models to learn about a complex socio-environmental system?Thompson, Kate
2009Models for Competition Between Public Transport Routes And ModesJansson, Kjell; Lang, Harald
11-Dec-2008Models of Anti-Discrimination Laws – Does Canada offer any lessons for the reform of Australia’s laws?Smith, Belinda; Faculty of Law
2000Modern pilgrims : spiritual warriors or merely mass touristsDigance, Justine
1994Modernism and the modern Australian novelHan, Jing
2005Modes and propagation in microstructured optical fibresIssa, Nader
2007The modes of tōgaku from Tang-period China to modern Japan : focusing on the ōshikichō, banshikichō and hyōjō modal categoriesNg, Kwok Wai; Department of Music
28-Mar-2013Modified Dissolution Behaviour of Salts through AdditivesKausmann, Tino
6-Apr-2015Modified Occupational Questionnaire (MOQ)Scanlan, Justin Newton; Bundy, Anita C.
17-May-2013The Modifying Effects of Maternal Nutritional Status on the Impact of Maternal Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation on Birth Outcomes and Early Infant Mortality in IndonesiaSEBAYANG, Susy Katikana
Jul-2014Modular approaches to the genetic basis of division of laborJohnson, Brian; Jasper, Cameron; Atallah, Joel
29-Aug-2013Modulating protein adsoption of calcium phosphate-based biomaterialsLee, Wing Hin
30-Aug-2013Modulation interactions in Quantum PlasmasSayed, Fatema
2000Modulation of avian metabolism by dietary fatty acidsNewman, Ronald Edward
014.TIF.jpg11-Dec-1961The Mohole Project-