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Jul-2014Presoldier cuticle contributes to the soldier morphogenesis in termitesSugime, Yasuhiro; Ogawa, Kota; Watanabe, Dai; Shimoji, Hiroyuki; Koshikawa, Shigeyuki; Miura, Toru
11-Aug-2010Pre‐start Farm Safety Induction Program for Entry Level WorkersTemperley, John; Australian Centre for Agricultural Health & Safety
2014The Preterm Prelabour Rupture of Membranes close to Term (PPROMT) Trial Statistical Analysis PlanAlgert, C.S.; Lain, S.J.; Patterson, J; Algert, C.S.; Lain, S.J.; Patterson, J; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
24-Mar-2006Prevalence and distribution of Alternaria allergens in rural New South Wales, AustraliaMitakakis, Teresa Zinovia
4-Apr-2014The prevalence, causes and management of stress velopharyngeal insufficiency in woodwind and brass playersEvans, Alison Emma Louise
Feb-2012Prevalence of Anatomic Impediments to Interlaminar Lumbar Epidural Steroid InjectionHameed, Farah; Hunter, David J; Rainville, James; Li, Ling; Suri, Pradeep
2012Prevalence of Esophageal Atresia among 18 International Birth Defects Surveillance ProgramsNassar, N; Leoncini, E; Amar, E; Arteaga-Vaïzquez, J; Bakker, M.K.; Bower, C; Canfield, M.A.; Castilla, E.E.; Cocchi, G; Correa, A.; Csaïky-Szunyogh, M; Feldkamp, M.L.; Khoshnood, B; Landau, D; Lelong, N; Loïpez-Camelo, J.S.; Lowry, B; McDonnell, R; Merlob, P; Meïtneki, J; Morgan, M; Mutchinick, O.M.; Palmer, M.N.; Rissmann, A; Siffel, C; SÕ`pek, A; Szabova, E; Tucker, D; Mastroiacovo, P; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
Feb-2002Prevalence of Johne's disease in rabbits and kangaroosAbbott, K. A
2003The prevalence of phantom tooth pain/atypical odontalgiaLeong, Sook Ling; Faculty of Dentistry
2012Prevalence of preeclampsia, pregnancy hypertension and gestational diabetes in population-based data: impact of different ascertainment methods on outcomesChen, J.S.; Roberts, C.L.; Simpson, J.M.; Ford, J.B.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
7-Nov-2011Preventing another women's wage lost decadeBabones, Salvatore
1973Prevention and Control of Dental Caries in Bangkok CityKummanont, Tasanee; Faculty of Dentistry
1970Prevention and Control of Dental Caries in ChildrenIjaz-ul-Haque, Fahima; Faculty of Dentistry
1967Prevention and Control of Periodontal DiseaseKilisimasi, S; Faculty of Dentistry
2005Prevention And Management Of Trapeziometacarpal Joint PainWajon, Anne
11-Sep-2013Prevention of excessive gestational weight gain: an evidence review to inform policy and practiceHector, Debra; Hebden, Lana; PANORG
1990Prevention of Tongue Cancer at an Individual LevelRahman, Ashequr; Faculty of Dentistry
1976Preventive and Control Measures for Dental Caries in School Dental Programs of South East AsiaGufsag, S; Faculty of Dentistry
1990Preventive and interceptive orthodontics : in relationship to the School Dental Service and the State Orthodontic Service in N.S.W.Makinson, Mary; Faculty of Dentistry
1971Preventive Dental Programmes in the Armed ServicesPanggabean, A; Faculty of Dentistry
Showing results 7156 to 7175 of 9818