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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013MAPPING NONFICTION NARRATIVE: Towards a new theoretical approach to analysing literary journalismRoberts, William
2008Mapping QTLs for quality characters in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. ssp. durum)Patil RM; Oak MD; Tamhankar SA; Rao VS
2008Mapping QTLs related to yield and yield components under drought in bread wheatKordenaeej A; Nasrollah Nejad AA; Shojaeian AA; Lelley T
2008Mapping quantitative trait loci associated with salinity tolerance in synthetic derived backcrossed bread linesOgbonnaya FC; Huang S; Steadman E; Emebiri LC; Dreccer MF; Lagudah, E; Munns R
2008Mapping resistance gene to leaf rust in wheat line KSWGRC11 using Quantitative Bulked Segregant Analysis and DArT platformCzembor PC; Radecka-Janusik M; Pietrusińska A; Czembor HJ
Sep-1991Mapping the extent of compulsory unionism in AustraliaZappalà, Gianni
2005Mapping the proteome of Streptococcus gordoniiMacarthur, Deborah Jane
2005Mapping The Proteome Of Streptococcus GordoniiMacarthur, Deborah Jane; Faculty of Dentistry
2013Maps of time: exploring the rhythms of a mediated world.French, Michaela; Gazzard, Alison
2000Margaret Estelle Barnes And Annie Praed-Australia'S First Women Graduates In Dentistry: Twentieth Century Femininity And Professionalism In DentistryCerny, Z. J. Comino; Faculty of Dentistry
1993The marginal adaptation of 3 ceramic veneer techniques : an in-vitro studyLim, Ching Chiat; Faculty of Dentistry
1980Marginal leakage and adapation of composition resin restorationsMartin, F. Elizabeth
1980Marginal Leakage And Adaptation Of Composite Resin RestorationsMartin, F. Elizabeth; Faculty of Dentistry
1988Marginal Seal Of Cervical RestorationsKingsford Smith, E. D.; Faculty of Dentistry
Sep-2010Margining Option Portfolios by Network FlowsMatsypura, D.; Timkovsky, V.G.; Discipline of Business Analytics
2002Marie Corelli: Science, Society and the Best SellerHallim, Robyn
2013Marine Protected Areas, Co-Management and Livelihoods: Coastal Change in VietnamBrown, Paula
Feb-2007Marine Protected Areas: A Tool for Fisheries ManagementGreenville, Jared William
19-Feb-2014Marine tenure in the Wellesley Islands region, Gulf of CarpentariaMemmott, Paul; Trigger, David
2005The Marist Brothers' teaching tradition in Australia, 1872-2000Braniff, John Michael