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2008A novel leaf rust resistance gene transferred from Aegilops caudata L. to Triticum aestivum L. maps on chromosome 5DChhuneja P; Kaur A; Kaur S; Dhaliwal HS; Singh K
30-Jan-2014Novel linear and nonlinear optical signal processing for ultra-high bandwidth communicationsPaquot, Yvan
11-Apr-2014Novel mechanisms of airway inflammation in mouse models of allergen and virus-induced asthmaUllah, MD Ashik
30-Oct-2013Novel mediators involved in the development of diabetic nephropathyYaghobian Azari, Dania
29-May-2013Novel method for improving cold-flow characteristics of biodiesel and assessing reactivity of cellulose and lignin model compounds in sub- and super-critical fluidsPhung, Peter
Jul-2014Novel partners support two-way by-product mutualism in a converted ecosystemYusah, Kalsum; Fayle, Tom; Edwards, David; Foster, William; Turner, Edgar
17-Jul-2014Novel polyamide amidine anthraquinone platinum(II) complexes for enhancing DNA binding and tumour penetrationLo, Anthony Tin Shing
15-Mar-2008A Novel Quartet-Based Method for Inferring Evolutionary Trees from Molecular DataTarawneh, Monther
31-Mar-2014Novel roles for Ten-m genes in the function of the mammalian limbic systemBourke, Michael Dominic Joseph
2004’Now Balanda Say We Lost Our Land in 1788’: Challenges to the Recognition of Yolŋu Law in Contemporary AustraliaCorn, Aaron; Gumbula, Neparrŋa
2001Now they know my name: creating a digital presence for BartonLong, Andrew Stawowczyk
Jul-2014Nowak-style models refute Nowak's conclusions about eusocialityQueller, David; Liao, Sean; Rong, Stephen
24-Apr-2012NSW Crime Statistics and Trends Seminar 24 April 2012Weatherburn, Don; Carroll, Ray; Newbery, Greig; Payne, Jason; Sydney Institute of Criminology
Jun-2014NSW Get Healthy Information and Coaching Services The First Five Years 2009-2013O'Hara, B J; Phongsavan, P; McGill, B; Maxwell, M; Ahmed, N; Raheb, S; Bauman, Adrian; Prevention Research Collaboration
20-May-2013NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey (SPANS) 2010: Full Report.Hardy, Louise; King, Lesley; Espinel, Paola; Cosgrove, Carmen; Bauman, Adrian; PANORG
20-May-2013NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey (SPANS) 2010: Short Report. Hardy, Louise; King, Lesley; Espinel, Paola; Cosgrove, Carmen; Bauman, Adrian; PANORG
2006NSW Young People on Community Orders: Key Findings ReportKenny, Dianna T; Nelson, Paul; Butler, Tony; Lennings, Chris; Allerton, Mark; Champion, Una
1971ntermaxillary Tooth Size Analysis In Extraction And Non-Extraction CasesWatson, John E.; Faculty of Dentistry
FoS_137.TIF.jpg27-Apr-1964Nuclear energy in space-
1-Apr-2008A numerical and experimental investigation of autoignitionGordon, Robert Lindsay