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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014Molecular phylogeny and character evolution of Crematogaster inflata-groupHosoishi, Shingo; Maruyama, Munetoshi; Ogata, Kazuo
2008Molecular phylogeny of a LTR copia retrotransposon family in Triticum aestivum reveals recent transposition activityRagupathy R; Cloutier S
20-Dec-2006Molecular polymorphisms for phylogeny, pedigree and population structure studiesWang, Yean
2001Molecular Studies of an alternative lengthening of telomeres (ALT) mechanismPerrem, Kilian Thomas
Jul-2014Molecular studies of termite-gut protists on cellulose utilizationOhkuma, Moriya
19-Feb-1999Molecular Technologies for the Wheat Industry - WorkshopJohnson, Clare; Quality Wheat CRC
2008A molecular toolbox for xanthophyll genes in wheatCrawford AC; Shaw K; Stefanova K; Lambe W; Ryan K; Wilson R; Barclay I; McLean R; Francki M
2005Molecular typing and evolution of Salmonella enterica serovar TyphimuriumHu, Honghua
Jul-2014Molecular warfare in the leaf cutter ant Atta colombicaDosselli, Ryan; den Boer, Susanne; Boomsma, Jacobus J.; Baer, Boris
2010The Monash Corpus of Spoken Australian EnglishBradshaw, Julie; Burridge, Kate; Clyne, Michael
Dec-1995A Monetary Explanation of Distribution in a Gold Money EconomySmith, Matthew; Economics
Jul-1994The Monetary Thought of Thomas TookeSmith, Matthew; Economics
2012Money for Nothing, Re-thinking Women's Empowerment and the Accomplishments of Microfinance in Rural BangladeshJahan, Hosna; Department of Political Economy
2003Money, morals and the conquest of mortalityLittle, M
2007Monitoring muscle oxygenation and myoelectric activity after damage-inducing exerciseAhmadi, Sirous
2000Monitoring reproduction in the common wombat (Vombatus ursinus) and Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) through faecal steroid analysisMcEwan, Sally Rangi-Marie
Jan-2014Monkey see, monkey do: truth-telling in matching algorithms and the manipulation of othersGuillén, Pablo; Hakimov, Rustamdjan; School of Economics
Jul-2014Monoamines, Individual Decisons, and Collective-Organization of Pavement Ant WarsBubak, Andrew; Renner, Kenneth; Swallow, John; Greene, Michael
1988A Monokine Which Binds To Class Ii - Histocompatibility ProteinsHedberg, Nancy Marion; Faculty of Dentistry