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1971Rocky Cape and the problem of the TasmaniansJones, Rhys (Rhys M.); Faculty of Arts
1977A Roentgenographic Cephalometric Study Of A Group Of Young Adult Australian MalesPatrick, Ian B; Faculty of Dentistry
1977A Roentgnographic Cephalometric Analysis Of Adolescent Filipinos With Normal Occlusion And Acceptable ProfilePerez, Leah; Faculty of Dentistry
1978A Roentgnographic Cephalometric Study On The Reliability Of Angle AnbChandra, Pavan K; Faculty of Dentistry
2001The role and the need for the operational dental officer in the Australian Defence ForceMahoney, Gregory David; Faculty of Dentistry
2008The role for basal resistance in non-host interactionsTufan HA; Boyd LA
26-Jun-2013The role of accounting in enabling strategic corporate social responsibility: A functionalist, critical and post-modern reading of a case studyBaker, Max Louis
2007The role of Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres in human cancerHenson, Jeremy D
22-Jan-2009Role of amylose in structure-function relationship in starches from Australian wheat varieties.Blazek, Jaroslav
21-Nov-2013The role of ARNT in liver and myeloid cell functionScott, Christopher Hugh
4-Aug-2008The Role of Brm, Brg-1, Snail 1 and Snail 2 in the Progression of Non-Melanoma Skin CancerBock, Vanessa Leonie
16-Oct-2013The role of c-Kit in signalling and drug resistance in elanocytes and melanomaTODD, Jason Richard
24-Mar-2006The Role of Counter-conditioning in the Extinction of Conditioned Taste AversionsMorris, Richard
21-Jun-2013The role of CXCR3 in the development of Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseChami, Belal
2009The role of cyclic climatic regimes and riparian vegetation: a qualitative and quantitative study into the cause of river bank slope instability and channel widening on the Macdonald River, New South Wales.Murray, Jaqueline; School of Geosciences
2001The Role of Decision Support Systems (DSS) in TransportationBurla, Michela; Laniado, Eliot; Romani, Fosca; Tagliavini, Paola
1985The role of dental therapists in the provision of dental services in fiji to achieve W.H.O. goals for the year 2000Khan, Satya; Faculty of Dentistry
15-Jul-2013The role of Dysregulated Microrna in Ovarian CancerKan, Casina
29-Aug-2013The role of endogenous glucocorticoid actions in cartilageTu, Jinwen
27-Sep-2013The role of endogenous IGFBP-3 in breast cancer cell responsiveness to DNA damaging therapyMARZEC, Kamila Anna
Showing results 6950 to 6969 of 8714