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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Aboriginal fathers / fathers' roles: Are they recognised in Australia's contemporary society?Maslen, Phil; Indigenous Heath Studies
19-Feb-2014Aboriginal fishing rights on the New South Wales South Coast: a Court CaseCane, Scott
2011Aboriginal Glass Artefacts of the Sydney RegionGoward, Tamika; Department of Archaeology
26-Oct-2006Aboriginal health over two decades 1986-2005: the highs and lowsEades, Sandra
2000Aboriginal health workers: Role, recognition, racism and horizontal violence in the workplaceWinsor-Dahlstrom, Josephine; Indigenous Heath Studies
26-Nov-2012Aboriginal Professionals: Work, Class, CultureLahn, Julie; Sociology and Social Policy
Nov-2003The Aboriginal Rural Education Program in Teacher Education at the University of Western SydneyMason, Terry; Reid, Carol; Perry, Bob
1992Aboriginal songs from the Bundjalung and Gidabal areas of South-Eastern AustraliaGummow, Margaret Jane.; Department of Music
1-Jul-2010Aboriginal Women Against Violence Project Evaluation ReportRawsthorne, Margot; with Alice Chivell, with Alison Smith
16-Feb-2011Aboriginal young people and crimeCrawford, Edwina; Debus, Bob; Paulson, Anthony; Sydney Institute of Criminology
12-Nov-2010About the authorsHobson, John
11-Nov-2011About the authorsMcAlpine, Rosina
22-Sep-2010About the authorsGoodwin, Susan; Huppatz, Kate
2010About the BookClemson, Lindy; Swann, Megan
2011The 'absolute existence' of phlogiston: the losing party's point of view.Gal, Ofer; Boantza, Victor
16-Jan-2014Absolute Music: Its relevance to the articulation of meaning in contemporary artistic practicePemberton, Mark
11-Jun-2013Absolute poverty in America higher than in 1969Babones, Salvatore
3-May-2011Abstracts & Biographies: Australasian Teaching Critical Criminology Conference 2007Sydney Institute of Criminology; Sydney Institute of Criminology
14-Sep-2009Academic Business: Tensions between academic values and corporatisation of Australian higher education in graduate schools fo businessRyan, Suzanne Erina
2008Academic Language, Power and the Impact of Western Knowledge Production on Indigenous Student LearningKaren, O'Brien