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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1960Masyarakat Kampung Leuwi BungurDudu Abdullah
1960Masyarakat Kampung TanggulasinMuljono Bratasudirdja
1960Masyarakat NagaMisbah
1960Masyarakat Negla PojokSjahidin
1960Masyarakat Nelayan Pulau PanggangMohd Muchtar
1960Masyarakat Perkebunan Karet TjurugShaminan Obos
1960Masyarakat Peuntas WetanSiti Djuwariah
1999Matching Funding to Outcomes: Incentive Based Contracts for Passenger TransportMein, Barry
Sep-2010Matching Markets with Mixed Ownership: The Case for A Real-life Assignment MechanismGuillén, Pablo; Kesten, Onur
Jul-2014Matedness does not matter in queenship formation in Polistes snelleni.Yamasaki, Kazuhisa; Akino, Toshiharu; Mizuno, Takahumi; Tsuchida, Koji
2011Material Matters: The Moral Imperative for a Large‐Scale Perspective within the Archaeology of the Contemporary Past.Dharmendra, Ben; Department of Archaeology
15-May-2013Material objects of paintWagstaff, Brooke Elizabeth
2001The Maternal AbjectAstore, Mireille
2012Maternal and infant characteristics by mode of vitamin K prophylaxis administrationKhambalia, A.Z.; Roberts, Christine L.; Bowen, J.R.; Nassar, N; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
29-Aug-2013Maternal involvement in a nurse home visiting program to prevent child maltreatmentFlemington, Tara Jane
2008Maternal lineages in polyploid wheat species inferred from organeller DNA fingerprintingMori N; Ishii T; Hidehira Y; Kondo Y; Watatani H; Ohmichi Y; Kawahara T; Nakamura C
8-Jul-2009Mateship and Money-Making: Shearing in Twentieth Century AustraliaO'Malley, Timothy Rory
15-Dec-2014The mathematical knowledge and beliefs of pre-service primary teachers in Hong KongLo, Wing Yee
5-Mar-2013The Mathematicus of Bernardus SilvestrisStone, Deirdre M
Jul-2014The mating biology of social insectsden Boer, Susanne; Hartke, Tamara; Baer, Boris