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1992The mandibular incisor : cephalometric investigation of its inclination and apex position in untreated dentitionsHong, Young Ki; Faculty of Dentistry
1973Mandibular Incisor Dimensions And Anterior Intermaxillary Ratio, In Relation To Mandibular Incisor Allgnment.Bau, Dennis J.; Faculty of Dentistry
4-Jun-2013Mangled Mantra: grotesque sound in the visual artsHopkins, Matthew
1993Manic Depressive Disorder (Bipolar Disorder) and its effect on the family unitWebster, Sayumporn; Behavioural & Social Sciences in Health
2014Manifesto on Art, Design and Social Science - Method as Speculative Event.Michael, M; Costello, B; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Kerridge, I
2-Nov-2012ManifoldLow, Kasane
2013Manipulating Space, Changing Realities: space as primary carrier of meaning in sonic artsEkeberg, Frank
20-May-2013Manipulating the Hype: contemporary art's response to media clichesMiller, Elizabeth
Mar-1984The Manly Ferry: A history of the service and its operators, 1854-1974Prescott, Anthony M
Aug-2014Many-body models for topological quantum informationBrell, Courtney Gordon Gray
cosmepic38.tif.jpg4-Apr-2006Map of Paraguay-
Jul-2014Mapping a novel sex determination gene in antsHuang, Yu-Ching; Nipitwattanaphon, Mingkwan; Lee, Chih-Chi; Keller, Laurent; Wang, John
3-Oct-2013Mapping Changes in Vegetation Cover Using Multiple Satellite Sensors: A Case Study of the Phnom Kulen National Park, CambodiaDavies, Kevin
Apr-1995Mapping enterprise agreements in the NSW and Queensland coal industryPragnell, Brad
2008Mapping genetic factors for resistance to Soil-borne cereal mosaic virus (SBCMV) in durum wheatMaccaferri M; Ratti C; Rubies-Autonell; Tuberosa R; Demontis A; Massi A; Stefanelli S; Vallega V; Sanguineti MC
4-Mar-2013Mapping high-risk obstetric transfersGoh, Amy Zhi Hui
2013MAPPING NONFICTION NARRATIVE: Towards a new theoretical approach to analysing literary journalismRoberts, William
2008Mapping QTLs for quality characters in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. ssp. durum)Patil RM; Oak MD; Tamhankar SA; Rao VS
2008Mapping QTLs related to yield and yield components under drought in bread wheatKordenaeej A; Nasrollah Nejad AA; Shojaeian AA; Lelley T
2008Mapping quantitative trait loci associated with salinity tolerance in synthetic derived backcrossed bread linesOgbonnaya FC; Huang S; Steadman E; Emebiri LC; Dreccer MF; Lagudah, E; Munns R