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29-Aug-2013Modulating protein adsoption of calcium phosphate-based biomaterialsLee, Wing Hin
30-Aug-2013Modulation interactions in Quantum PlasmasSayed, Fatema
2000Modulation of avian metabolism by dietary fatty acidsNewman, Ronald Edward
014.TIF.jpg11-Dec-1961The Mohole Project-
Jul-2014Molecular adaptations to advanced fungus farming in leaf-cutting ant symbiosisSchiott, Morten; Licht, Henrik H. de Fine; Rogowska-Wrzesinska, Adelina; Kooij, Pepijn W.; Roepstorff, Peter; Boomsma, Jacobus J.
2008Molecular analysis of fungal disease resistance in wheatKeller B; Krattinger S; Yahiaoui N; Brunner S; Kaur N; Cloutre C; Cloutier S; Ling HQ; Travella S
9-Jan-2014Molecular and Cellular Determinants of Neovascularisation and Vascular RepairCHAN, Kim Hoe
17-Jun-2014Molecular and hormonal studies on molecules involved In the maintenance of uterine epithelial polarity in the ratMadawala, Romanthi Jessica
4-Nov-2013Molecular and host specificity studies of Puccinia Striiformis in AustraliaBailey, Jordan
Jul-2014Molecular and neural basis of chemosensation in the ant Cerapachys biroiMcKenzie, Sean; Oxley, Peter; Kronauer, Daniel
30-Oct-2013Molecular Approaches for Improving Subunit Vaccines againstKAO, Fan
2002Molecular aspects of biomolecule structure and functionRodger, Alison
25-Oct-2005Molecular Basis Of Cold-Induced Pollen Sterility In RiceDolferus, Rudy
25-Oct-2005Molecular Basis Of Cold-Induced Pollen Sterility In Rice.Dolferus, Rudy
25-Mar-2013The molecular basis of mouse adaptation and virulence by human enterovirus 71Zaini, Zainun
2008Molecular characterization of a Triticum timopheevii introgression in a Wentworth/Lang populationLehmensiek A; Bovill WD; Banks PM; Sutherland MW
2008Molecular characterization of Cyclophilin B genes and promoter sequences in wheat and riceWu H; Bhave M
Jul-2014Molecular characterization of Nasutitermes similis and Nasutitermes guayanae using 16SrRNARibeiro, Rullian; Carrijo, Tiago; Cancello, Eliana; Correa e Castro, Adriana
2014Molecular characterizations of PCR-positive Mycoplasma pneumoniae specimen collected from Australia and China.Xue G, G; Wang, Q; Yan, C; Jeoffreys, N; Wang, L; Gilbert, GL; Sun, H
2004Molecular Detection Of Disseminated Tumour Cells In Blood And Lymph Nodes In Patients With Head And Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma; Correlation With Clinical And Pathological Factors And Its Effect On Patients OutcomeWimardhani, Yuniardini; Faculty of Dentistry