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17-May-2011ANZCCC Proceedings 2010 Table of ContentsSydney Institute of Criminology; Sydney Institute of Criminology
1971The aphthous ulcerSomers, Nihill Henry; Faculty of Dentistry
2006Apoptotic And Morphometric Synergies Between Tumour Necrosis Factor-A And Transforming Growth Factor-B1 For Human Endothelial CellsEmmanuel, Catherine; Faculty of Dentistry
2001The apoptotic response of human umbilical vein endothelial cells to oscillating shear stressGue, Sumant; Faculty of Dentistry
2012An apparatus of empire : the construction of official geographic knowledge in the survey departments of New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land, 1788-1836Drown, J. M.; Department of History
15-May-2013Apparent Consumption of Selected Foods and Household Food Expenditure.Espinel, Paola; Innes-Hughes, Christine; PANORG
2014Appearing out of nowhere: the emergence of spacetime in quantum gravityCrowther, Karen
Jul-2014Appeasement versus fighting: a new slavemaker employs alternative raiding strategiesKleeberg, Isabelle; Feldmeyer, Barbara; Jongepier, Evelien; Foitzik, Susanne
12-Feb-2014AppendicesDianne, Johnson
2006Appendices, References, IndexSefton, Ann Jervie; Cossart, Yvonne; Freckelton, Louise
2007Appendix & Index - Kids Count: Better early childhood education and care in AustraliaHill, Elizabeth; Pocock, Barbara; Elliott, Alison
2007Appendix 1. Timeline of key events in the development of Anglo-Australian copyright lawAtkinson, Benedict
2007Appendix 2. Recommendations of the Royal Commission on Performing Rights 1933Atkinson, Benedict
2007Appendix 3. Recommendations of Copyright Law Review Committee appointed to consider what alterations are desirable to the Copyright Law of the Commonwealth 1959Atkinson, Benedict
2007Appendix 4. Recommendations of the Copyright Law Committee on Reprographic Reproduction 1976 (Franki Committee)Atkinson, Benedict
2013Appendix B: FormsStancliffe, Roger J.; Wilson, Nathan J.; Gambin, Nicolette; Bigby, Christine; Balandin, Susan
2-Jun-2011Appendix to "The influence of graphic display format on the interpretations of quantitative risk information among adults with lower education and literacy"McCaffery, Kirsten J; Dixon, Ann; Hayen, Andrew; Jansen, Jesse; Smith, Sian; Simpson, Judy
2003Application of Artificial Neural Networks in PharmacokineticsTurner, Joseph Vernon
10-Jul-2014Application of controlled/"living" radical polymerisation techniques in the preparation of polymer hybrid materialsTom, Jessica
2009The application of doppler Hα spectroscopy to the prediction of experimental fusion rates in a deuterium-filled inertial electrostatic confinement deviceKipritidis, John; School of Physics