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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Apr-2015Application profiling and resource management for MapReduceLu, Peng
31-Mar-2013Application Server Caching with Freshness GuaranteesRajani, Meena
2008Applications and challenges of marker-assisted selection in the Western Australian Wheat Breeding ProgramCakir M; Drake-Brockman F; Ma J; Jose K; Connor M; Naughton Joe; Bussanich J; Naisbitt M; Shankar M; McLean R; Barclay I; Wilson R; Moore C; Loughman R
1983Applications Of Forensic Odontology In Aircraft Accident InvestigationParker, Dane Stephen; Faculty of Dentistry
Feb-1998Applications of Ultrasound to Dough Processing - Literature ReviewMacKay, Fiona; Quality Wheat CRC
1959Applied And Functional Anatomy Of The Temporomandibular Joint.Barnett, Andrew Elgar Vern; Faculty of Dentistry
1976Applied research in endodontic morphologyHession, R. W
1976Applied Research In Endodontic Morphology.Hession, R. W; Faculty of Dentistry
2000Applied violin instruction : factors and strategies contributing to effective teaching of three master teachers in SydneyLow, Sheau-Fang.; Sydney Conservatorium of Music
2006Applying artificial neural networks and evolutionary algorithms to architectural and building acousticsXu, Jingfeng, 1976-
31-Mar-2014Applying Elimination-Based Algorithms to Abstract InterpretationSubotic, Pavle
2007Applying multiple literacies in Australian and Canadian contextsMasny, Diana; Cole, David R
1999Appraisal of Non-commercial Passenger Rail Services in BritainMills, Gordon; Howe, Martin
1974An approach to the planning of houses for the warm humid zonePritchard, Dudley Ross
2005Approaches to economics educationJackson, Michael; Ross, Russell
2007Approaches to the scholarship of teaching and learningBrew, Angela; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
2015Appropriations Politiques de l’Œuvre de Stéphane Mallarmé: Les Cas de Sartre, de Tel Quel, de Badiou et de RancièreBoncardo, Robert Malcolm
Jul-2014Aquaporin in the salivary glands of the worker termitesKambara, Kohei; Azuma, Masaaki; Ohmura, Wakako
8-Nov-2008Arab Muslim nurses experiences of the meaning of caringLovering, Sandra
1995Arabic translation movement since the Abbasid periodEl-Ayoubi, Ismat