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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1996A General Model of Derived Demand Linkages in a Dual Economy: Some Structural ImplicationsDutta, Dilip; Department of Economics
2011General practice activity in Australia 2010-11Britt, Helena; Miller, Graeme C; Charles, Jan; Henderson, Joan; Bayram, Clare; Valenti, Lisa; Harrison, Christopher; Pan, Ying; Zhang, Carmen; Fahridin, Salma; O'Halloran, Julie
27-Nov-2012General practice activity in Australia 2011–12Britt, Helena; Miller, Graeme C; Henderson, Joan; Charles, Janice; Valenti, Lisa; Harrison, Christopher; Bayram, Clare; Zhang, Carmen; Pollack, Allan J; O'Halloran, Julie; Pan, Ying
18-Nov-2013General practice activity in Australia 2012-13Britt, Helena; Miller, Graeme C; Henderson, Joan; Bayram, Clare; Valenti, Lisa; Harrison, Christopher; Charles, Janice; Pan, Ying; Zhang, Carmen; Pollack, Allan J; O'Halloran, Julie
2014General Practice Activity in Australia 2013–14Britt, Helena; Miller, Graeme C; Henderson, Joan; Bayram, Clare; Harrison, Christopher; Valenti, Lisa; Wong, Carmen; Gordon, J; Pollack, Allan J; Pan, Ying; Charles, Janice
1989A General Review Of Literature On Child's OcclusionZhang, Liping; Faculty of Dentistry
Jul-2014The general stress response syndrome in the honeybeeEven, Naila; Devaud, Jean-Marc; Barron, Andrew B.
30-Apr-2015Generalized Variance: A Robust Estimator of Stock Price VolatilitySutton, M; Vasnev, A; Gerlach, R; Discipline of Business Analytics, University of Sydney
2005Generating a taxonomy of regulatory responses to emerging issues in biomedicineLipworth, W
14-Sep-2013Generation and perception of three-dimensional sound fields using Higher Order AmbisonicsSun, David
2008Generation of drought-resistant transgenic cereals using transcription factors isolated from wheat grainMorran S; Eliby, S; Bazanova, N; Pyvovarenko T; Singh R; Ismagul, A; Langridge, P; Lopato S
2009A Generational Approach to Modelling Youth’s Engagement in PoliticsSuchowerska, Roksolana; Department of Sociology and Social Policy
2007Generations of care: demographic change and public policy in AustraliaBrennan, Deborah; Phillips, Ruth
2006Generations of gender : past, present, potentialGermon, Jennifer E
2008Genes and gene networks regulating wheat developmentDubcovsky, J; Lai C; Pidal B; Tranquilli G
10-Mar-2014The genesis of Jatio Sangsad Bhaban at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, DhakaChoudhury, Bayezid Ismail
1976Genetic analyses of persistent adultplant resistances to wheat rustsHare, R
2008Genetic analysis of grain protein deviation in wheatBogard M; Moreau D; Allard V; Martre P; Le Gouis J
2008Genetic analysis of leaf rolling in wheatSirault XRR; Condon AG; Rebetzke GJ; Farquhar GD