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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Oct-2008From Organisational Behaviour to Industrial Network Evolutions: Stimulating Sustainable Development of Bioenergy Networks in Emerging EconomiesKempener, Rudolf T. M
2014From Project to Strategic Vision: Taking the Lead in Research Data Management Support at the University of Sydney LibraryNorman, Belinda; Stanton, Kate Valentine
Sep-2008From Research Management System to Digital Repository: Managing and storing research outputs at the University of SydneyBrowne, Gary; Appia, Venkatakrishnan Balasubramanian; Christensen, Sten; Library
Jan-2011From research to safe practice on farms - the impact of research by the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety on policy and practiceLower, T; Fragar, Lyn J; Public Health
2006From sandstone to stainless steelJeremy, Richmond
2013From sound to waves to territories.Brueggemeier, Jan Hendrik
28-Aug-2014From space to superspace: the rise of dimensions and the elasticity of spacetimeAlexander, Peter
-From the Centre to the Edge: Tracing Czechoslovakia – Australia connections 1920 – 1945 and the Jewish Refugee CrisisRosenbaum, Anna
2001From The English Poetry Full-Text Database to seven flavours of Literature Online: ten years of digital publishing in the humanities at Chadwyck-Healey, 1991-2001, and a look into the next ten.Hall, Steve
2014From the genocide convention to the crisis of DarfurMayroz, Eyal
Aug-2008From their perspectives: Children and young people's experience of a paediatric hospital environment and its relationship to their feeling of well-beingBishop, Katherine G
2006From trees to descriptions and identification toolsConn, Barry; Kipiro, Damas
1993From trilingualism to monolingualism : a case study of language shift in a Sicilian-Australian familyRubino, Antonia
2004From Violation to Reconstruction: The Process of Self-Renewal Associated with Chronic Fatigue SyndromeTravers, Michele Kerry
Nov-2012From ‘Irish Exile’ to ‘Australian pagan’: the Christian Brothers, Irish handball, and identity in early twentieth-century AustraliaLight, Rowan; Department of History
2010From ‘our world’ to the ‘real world’: exploring the behaviour of policy-influential Australian public health researchersHaynes, Abby S; Derrick, Gemma E.; Redman, S; Chapman, Simon; Hall, W.D.; Gillespie, James; Sturk, H.; Sydney School of Public Health
15-Nov-2007Front matterAtkinson, Benedict
2009Front matterBesseling, Carrol; Quadrio, Philip Andrew
2010Front MatterParkinson, Richard