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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-20143D Distribution of Drywood Termites in Structures for Southern CaliforniaLewis, Vernard
8-May-20123D movement of a sound sourceJimenez, Daniel R.
18-Apr-20123D movement of a sound sourceJimenez, Daniel R.
7-Jun-20133D Sound from HRIR DataStapleton, Matthew
12-Nov-20104 Monitoring the use of KaurnaAmery, Rob
2006(4,7-Dimethyl-1,10-phenanthroline (ethylenediamine) platinum(II) dichloride tris(deuterium oxide) solvateBrodie, Craig R.; Turner, Peter; Wheate, Nial J.; Aldrich-Wright, Janice R.; University of Sydney; Faculty of Science; School of Chemistry
9-Jun-2013430488700 Written Review 2Edser, Carl Scott
20074d’s Of Taxi Fares: A Behavioural Model For The Ict AgeMahalingam, P; Supriya, Dr M V
12-Nov-20105 Introducing Wiradjuri language in ParkesAnderson, Geoff
12-Nov-20106 Going public with language: involving the wider community in language revitalisationOlawsky, Knut J.
12-Nov-20107 Ngapartji Ngapartji: Indigenous language in the artsSometimes, Beth; Kelly, Alex
23-Jul-2012The $7.25 minimum wage is too low for 21st century AmericaBabones, Salvatore
12-Nov-20108 Awakening or awareness: are we being honest about the retrieval and revial of Australia's Aboriginal languages?Stockley, Trevor
Jun-19988th Int’l Symposium on Preharvest Sprouting in Cereals, Detmold Germany (report on)Mares, Daryl; Quality Wheat CRC
12-Nov-20109 Language centres: keeping language strongAsh, Anna; Hooler, Pauline; Williams, Gary; Walker, Ken
21-Apr-2015The A to Z of A/C PlasmidsHarmer, Christopher J; Hall, Ruth M
4-May-2009Abajo el puente: place and the politics of progress in Santo DomingoTaylor, Erin B
7-Oct-2013Abandoning clinical trial safeguards won’t boost local industryKomesaroff, P; Thomson, C; Kerridge, I; VELiM
Jul-2014Abnormal Behavior of Honeybee Workers Due to Contamination of ImidaclopridYang, En-Cheng; Chang, Hui-Chun; Chuang, Yu-Cheng