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2013First trimester screening of serum soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1 and placental growth factor predicting hypertensive disorders of pregnancySchneuer, F.J.; Nassar, N; Guilbert, C; Tasevski, V; Ashton, AW; Morris, J.M.; Roberts, C.L.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
2007The first wave : the making of a beach culture in Sydney, 1810-1920Ford, Caroline, 1979-; Dept. of History, Faculty of Arts
12-Jul-2012First year science: when information skills are someone else's businessArndell, Michael; Bridgeman, Adam J; Goldsworthy, Rebecca; Taylor, Charlotte E; Tzioumis, Vicky
PlanA3237.TIF.jpg27-Oct-2009Fisher Library University Electric Light Fitting in Reading Room-
FoS_161.TIF.jpg5-Oct-1964Fission heat for fuel and food-
Jul-2014Fitness Costs of Division of Labour in a Social InsectJongepier, Evelien; Foitzik, Susanne
12-Aug-2013Fit to Play: Physiotherapy-based interventions for professional orchestral musiciansCHAN, Cliffton Lai Lim
14-Dec-2010Five Reasons Not to Rely on the Criminal Justice System Alone to Prevent CrimeClancey, Garner; Sydney Institute of Criminology
1999Five Years After Child Sexual AbuseSwanston, Heather Yvette
7-May-2014Fixing our fractured food system: the path towards practical solutionsDowns, Shauna; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
2001Flash GIS: Delivering Geographic Information on the InternetJessee, Chris
1-Apr-2014Flat tax for social securityBabones, Salvatore
2008Flavanone 3-hydroxylase genes in Triticum aestivum L.Khlestkina EK; Röder MS; Salina EA
May-1998Fleeing the Self in Pursuit of the OtherMatthews, Julie Mariko
Nov-2013Flexible valuations for consumer goods as measured by the Becker-DeGroot-Marschak mechanismTymula, Agnieszka; Woelbert, Eva; Glimcher, Paul; School of Economics
1998Flexural-torsional buckling of thin-walled I-section beam-columns in combined compression and major axis bendingHasham, Anthony S
2008The floral integrator WFT in wheat: expression profiles of three homoeologous genesKikuchi R; Kawahigashi H; Handa H
Jul-2014Floral Odours Are Learnt And Processed Via Key OdorantsReinhard, Judith; Claudianos, Charles
Jul-2014Floral resource competition between honeybees and bumblebees along land-use gradientsKamper, Wiebke; Bluthgen, Nico; Eltz, Thomas
2008Flour yield and water absorption in wheat - a pedigree mapping approachChristopher MJ; Butler D; Rodgers D; Mace ES; Martin D; McGowan P; Jordan D; Shatte T; Jennings R; DeLacy I; Banks PM; Poulsen D
Showing results 4052 to 4071 of 10227