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Jul-2014Energy imbalance causes the mortality in social isolationKoto, Akiko; Mersch, Danielle; Privman, Eyal; Hollis, Brian; Keller, Laurent
3-Jan-2009Energy metabolism in the brain and rapid distribution of glutamate transporter GLAST in astrocytesNguyen, Khoa Thuy Diem
Jul-2014Energy metabolism of honey bee spermPaynter, Ellen; Baer, Boris; Millar, Harvey
31-Mar-2014Energy time series predictionRana, Md Mashud
2005The energy value of cereal grains, particularly wheat and sorghum, for poultryBlack, J. L; Hughes, R. J; Nielsen, S. G; Tredrea, A. M; MacAlpine, R; van Barneveld, R. J
2-Nov-2009EnergyConsumption_balc6863_308175077Alcantara, Benedict
2002Enga and evangelisation : the changing pattern of the laity's involvement in the Christian evangelisation of EngaBieniek, Jan; Department of Studies in Religion
2010Engage: Getting on with Government 2.0Government 2.0 Taskforce
1998Engaging Australian culture todayEmerson, N. Neil
2004Engaging transplantation ethicsKerridge, I
2001Engaging with Historical Complexity in the Virtual Environment: The South Seas Project.Turnbull, Paul
FoS_149.TIF.jpg20-Jul-1964The engine-room revolution-
2007Engineering and Information Technologies Handbook 2007 - AmendmentUniversity of Sydney
2008Engineering and Information Technologies Handbook 2008University of Sydney
2010Engineering and Information Technologies Handbook 2010University of Sydney; Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies
2011Engineering and Information Technologies Handbook 2011University of Sydney; Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies
1995Engineering behaviour of Ashfield shaleGhafoori, M. (Mohammad); School of Civil and Mining Engineering
May-2003Engineering Carbon Sequestration in the OceanJones, Ian S F; Lu, Chien Hsing
2005Engineering events : a comparison of the standard project management methodology with the management of events and festivalsO'Toole, W. J
2005Engineering handbookUniversity of Sydney, Engineering