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SCA_JO_KFindeis_491.tif.jpg22-Jun-2007DuctusFindeis, Karin
1971The durability of amalgam restorations related to cavity liningsBenson, Geoffrey Gordon; Faculty of Dentistry
2008Durable rust resistance in wheat is effective against multiple pathogensSpielmeyer W; Mago R; Kota R; Wellings CR; Lagudah ES; McIntosh RA
17-Jun-2008During and Enduring: Forced Entertainment's 'Bloody Mess' and the Manipulation of Time in PerformanceHadley, Bree
12-Feb-2013Dying to be born again: Mortality, immortality and the fashion modelde Perthuis, Karen
31-Mar-2014A Dynamic Approach for the Generalised Beam TheoryTaig, Gerard
2006Dynamic Designs of Virtual Worlds Using Generative Design AgentsGu, Ning
2002Dynamic Modelling, Measurement and Control of Co-rotating Twin-Screw ExtrudersElsey, Justin Rae
10-Aug-2011The dynamic prediction of company failure - the influence of time, the economy and non-linearityKim, Maria Heui-Yeong
Dec-2008Dynamics analysis and integrated design of real-time control systemsTian, Yu-Chu
6-Mar-2013Dynamics and Ethics of Comprehensive Preimplantation Genetic Testing. A Review of the ChallengesHens, K; Dondorp, W; Handyside, AH; Harper, J; Newson, A.J.; Pennings, G; Rehmann-Sutter, C; de Wert, G
26-Feb-2009The Dynamics of Bid and Ask Quotes Set by a Heterogeneously Informed Market MakerDwyer, Gregory James; Discipline of Finance
27-Mar-2014Dynamics of Bragg Grating Solitons In Coupled Bragg Gratings With Dispersive ReflectivityHajibaratali, Babak
2013The dynamics of collaborative resistance: negotiating the methodological incongruities of art, cultural theory, science and design.Hudson, Kirsten; Ben-Ary, Guy; Lawson, Mark; Hodgetts, Stuart
Jul-2014Dynamics of collective worksite selection in weaver ants, Oecophylla smaragdinaBochynek, Thomas; Robson, Simon
Jul-2014Dynamics of Division of Labor in the Social Space Using Individually Tracked AntsBraunschweig, Raphael; Mersch, Danielle; De Los Rios, Paolo; Keller, Laurent
Jul-2014Dynamics of DNA methylation in honeybees: development and environmentForet, Sylvain
16-Sep-2013Dynamics of sediment yields using hydrologic models in managed catchments, eastern AustraliaJamshidialashti, Reza
2007The Dynamics Of Social Exclusion: Some Insights From NorwayPriya, Tanu; Uteng, André
24-Mar-2014The dynamics of starch and protein digestion influence growth performance and nutrient utilisation in broiler chickensLiu, Sonia Yun
Showing results 3277 to 3296 of 10571