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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Dec-2013A Cross Disciplinary Behavioral Perspective on Business Strategy and Decision MakingKetencioglu, Elif
Sep-2002Cross species transmission of Ovine Johne's Disease - Phase 2 cattle.Moloney, B. J; Whittington, R. J
Jun-2000Cross species transmission of ovine Johnes Disease - Phase 1 : National Ovine Johne’s Disease Control and Evaluation Program.Whittington, R. J; Taragel, C. A
10-Oct-2005The Cross-Linguistic Function of Obligatory 'do'-PeriphrasisJäger, Andreas
27-Mar-2013A cross-modal investigation into the relationships between bistable perception and a global temporal mechanismParker, Amanda Louise
2011Crown CopyrightFitzgerald, Anne
CrownOfArch2_10_30.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Crown of arch during construction-
1998CRUEL BEAUTY: The articulation of ‘self’, ‘identity’ and the creation of an innovative feminine vocabulary in the self-portrait paintings of Frida KahloPentes, Tatiana
1-Aug-2008Cruiser and PhoTable: Exploring Tabletop User Interface Software for Digital Photograph Sharing and Story CaptureApted, Trent Heath
2013CRUMB doctoral research: reflections on creating and exhibiting digital art.Bradbury, Victoria; Ghidini, Marialaura; Hunter, Roddy; O'Hara, Suzy; Smith, Dominic
12-May-2012crush protection - raising the barLower, T; Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety
1986Cryosurgery With Special Reference To The Control Of Oro-Facial Pain And Oral LesionsMarles, Frederick George; Faculty of Dentistry
30-Sep-2013Cryptococcosis: a proteomic investigation of an emerging fungal diseaseSivell, Michael
1988Crystal growth and aerodynamics of drug particlesChan, Hak-Kim
28-Aug-2014Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Modelling of the Effects of the Microstructure and Texture on the Mechanical Behaviour of Aluminium AlloysLi, Ling
30-Oct-2012Crystallization and diffraction of an Isl1-Ldb1 complex.Gadd, Morgan; Jacques, David; Guss, J Mitchell; Matthews, Jacqueline
18-Apr-2012Cucurbit[7]uril encapsulated cisplatin overcomes cisplatin resistance via a pharmacokinetic effectPlumb, Jane A.; Venugopal, Balaji; Oun, Rabbab; Gomez-Roman, Natividad; Kawazoe, Yoshiyuki; Venkataramanan, Natarajan Sathiyamoorthy; Wheate, Nial J.
2011Cultural Connections amidst Heritage ConundrumsKasiannan, Senthilpavai
14-Dec-2006Cultural Influences on Academic Performance in Fiji: A Case Study in the Nadroga/Navosa ProvinceOtsuka, Setsuo
30-Aug-2013Cultural Intelligence Experiential Education and Systems of Thought: The Missing Cultural LinkDawidowski, Roxana