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2009A Concession Model to Promote Rural Bus Services In Sri LankaKumarage, Amal S.; Weerawardena, Janaka; Piyasekera, Ramya
17-Jan-2011Conchyliologie to Conchyliomanie: The Cabinet of Fran├žois Boucher, 1703-1770.Priebe, Jessica Susan Main
2011Concluding Comments: the Copyright Act 1968 Forty Years OnRicketson, Sam
FoS_163.TIF.jpg19-Oct-1964The concrete puzzle-
2015Conditional income transfers and choice in social services: just more conditions and more markets?Carney, Terry
Jul-2014Conditional mutualism emerges from a largely antagonistic species networkAdams, Rachelle M. M.; Liberti, Joanito; Illum, Anders; Jones, Tappey; Nash, David; Boomsma, Jacobus J.
3-Dec-2012Conditionality, Recognition and Indigenous Housing Policy in AustraliaHabibis, Daphne; Memmott, Paul; Phillips, Rhonda; Moran, Mark; Sociology and Social Policy
9-Sep-2009Conditionally Sexual: Constructing the sexual health needs of men and teenage boys with a moderate to profound intellectual disabilityWilson, Nathan John
2014Conditioned inhibition and reinforcement rateHarris, Justin A; Kwok, Dorothy; Andrew, Benjamin J
Jul-2014Conditioning your bee - in one, two, three!Kirkerud, Nicholas; Gustav, David; Galizia, C. Giovanni
2013Condom negotiation across different relationship types by young women engaged in sex work in Phnom Penh, CambodiaMaher, L; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Phlong, P; Couture, MC; Phal, S; Bates, A; Sansothy, N; Page, K
2011Conference Opening SpeechMcClelland, Robert
Jan-2014Confidence Levels for CVaR Risk Measures and Minimax Limits*Anderson, Edward; Xu, Huifu; Zhang, Dali; Discipline of Business Analytics
1999Configuration design of a canard configured tail sitter unmanned air vehicle using multidisciplinary optimizationStone, R. Hugh (Roland Hugh)
18-May-2012Configuring maternal, preborn and infant embodimentLupton, Deborah; Department of Sociology and Social Policy
2009Conflict between commercialism and public transport policy purpose: unique feature of policy dispute in JapanSaito, Takahiko
2011Conflict reporting and peace journalism: in search of a new model: lessons from the Nigerian Niger-Delta crisisMogekwu, Matt
Jul-2014Conflict, longevity and ageing in social insectsAlmond, Edward; Lockett, Gabrielle; Huggins, Tim; Parker, Joel; Bourke, Andrew
2013Conflicting Cultural Perspectives: Meanings and Experiences of Postnatal Depression Among Women in Indian CommunitiesJain, A; Levy, David
11-Jun-2015Conflicting rights: How the prohibition of human trafficking and sexual exploitation infringes the right to health of female sex workers in Phnom Penh, CambodiaMaher, L; Dixon, C; Phlong, P; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Stein, Ellen; Page, K