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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Cyber Infrastructure for the Humanities and Social SciencesUnsworth, John
2008Cyberinfrastructure For Knowledge SharingWilbanks, John
2013Cybernetic configurations: characteristics of interactivity in the digital arts.Gifford, Toby; Brown, Andrew R.
2013Cybernetics in Society and ArtJones, Stephen
Apr-2007CYBERSEXOLOGY: SEXUALITY AND THE INTERNETWeerakoon, Patricia; Graduate Program in Sexual Health
2006Cybraries in paradise: new technologies and ethnographic repositories.Barwick, Linda; Thieberger, Nicholas
1986Cyclic Amp, Sialylation And B16 MelanomaJarvis, Ross Geoffrey; Faculty of Dentistry
1989Cyclic response of offshore pile groupsHewitt, Caroline Mary
Mar-1980Cyclic syllabification and a first cycle rule of vowel-rounding in some dialects of Australian EnglishSimpson, Jane
2005Cyclical history, gnosis, and memory: a study in the role and significance of Mystical Poetry as a medium of Popular Culture for Persian SufismMilani, Milad
21-May-2013Cycling to Work in Sydney: Analysis of Journey-To-Work Census Data from 2001 and 2011.Zander, Alexis; Rissel, Chris; Bauman, Adrian
Oct-2008The Cyclotomic Birman-Murakami-Wenzl AlgebrasYu, Shona Huimin
2011CymbelineFitzpatrick, Tim; Department of Performance Studies
Jul-2014Cytochemical evaluation venom gland of wasps Apoica thoracica, Acre, Oliveira da Silva, Marcelo Augusto; Magalhaes de Abreu, Rusleyd Maria
1993Cytogenetic manipulation and anther culture of wheatVenkatanagappa, Shoba; Faculty of Agriculture
2008Cytokinins contents and dry matter accumulation at different position and types of grains within a spike of wheatEradatmand Asli D; Dua IS
2005Cytology, genetic variation and inheritance studies in the Sturt desert pea, Swainsona formosaWalker, Mark L
1959Daerah Kabupaten ModjokertoMastuhu
Oct-2006Daily Image Guided Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer: An assessment of treatment plan reproducibility.Knight, Kellie Ann
2013Daily Life: pink ghetto or feminist triumph? An analysis of the content of and responses to Fairfax’s women’s news website.Wilcox, Kate; Department of Media and Communications