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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jan-2016Compositions Combining Acoustic, Electro-Acoustic And Synthetic Instruments For Modern Jazz PerformanceKemp, David James
21-Mar-2007A Comprehensive Architecture for the Cooperative Guidance and Control of Autonomous Ground and Air VehiclesPham, Ngoc Hai
30-Sep-2015Comprehensive sector-wide strategies to prevent and control obesity: what are the potential health and broader societal benefits? A case study from AustraliaKite, James; Hector, Debra; St George, Alexis; Pedisic, Zeljko; Phongsavan, Philayrath; Bauman, Adrian; Mitchell, Jo; Bellew, Bill
14-Jan-2016Comprehensive sector-wide strategies to prevent and control obesity: what are the potential health and broader societal benefits? A case study from Australia – Online supplementary materialKite, James; Hector, Debra; et al.
27-Aug-2012Compression [short story]. [With accompanying letter to John Campbell, editor of Analog, together with Campbell's rejection letter]Graham, Ronald E.; Campbell, John
2003Compression Stability of High Strength Steel Sections with Low Strain-HardeningYANG, Demao
2009Compressors for miniature unmanned aerospace propulsion systemsLing, Jack C. L.; School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering
13-Aug-2013Compromised margin: Migration and Agrarian Transformation in the northeastern Thai-Lao BorderlandsRungmanee, Soimart
2-Oct-2015The Computation of Surface Lightness in Simple and Complex ScenesSchmid, Alexandra Clare
1990Computation of turbulent swirling flows in conical diffusers with tailpipesCho, Nam-Hyo; Department of Mechanical Engineering
2005Computational case-based redesign for people with ability impairment: Rethinking, reuse and redesign learning for home modification practiceBridge, Catherine Elizabeth
2005Computational Explorations of Creativity and Innovation in DesignSosa Medina, Ricardo
31-Mar-2014Computational fluid dynamics modelling of atherosclerotic coronary arteries and abdominal aortic aneurysmsJavadzadegan, Ashkan
Mar-2007Computational methods for the analysis of HIV drug resistance dynamicsAl Mazari, Ali
Jul-2014A computational modelling approach to understanding honeybee vision and cognitionCope, Alexander; Sabo, Chelsea; Yavuz, Esin; Vasiliki, Eleni; Gurney, Kevin; Nowotny, Thomas; Marshall, James
2002Computational Modelling of Entrained Flow Slagging GasifiersBenyon, P. J
29-Mar-2005Computational Models for Stock Market Order SubmissionsBlazejewski, Adam
2014Computational studies of glutamate transporters and receptorsHeinzelmann, Germano
Jan-2015Computational studies of structure and dynamics in amorphous materialsChowdhury, MD Sadrul
Jun-2015Computational Study of Mammalian Sodium ChannelsMahdavi, Somayeh