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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Nov-201020 The importance of understanding language ecologies for revitalisationMeakins, Felicity
20062000 year record of environmental change from Tocal Homestead Lagoon, eastern AustraliaCook, Duncan Edward
2012The 2011-2012 Russian protests and the precedents of protest in post-Soviet EurasiaPutilin, Serge; Department of Government and International Relations
Jun-20132013‐14 BUDGET: Analysis of Health and Ageing ProvisionsRussell, Lesley; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
20152015 Handbooks errata - all facultiesUniversity of Sydney; Faculty Handbooks - all faculties
17-Oct-20142015: The year of Korean reunification?Babones, Salvatore
23-May-20162016‐17 Budget Indigenous AffairsRussell, Lesley; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
12-Nov-201021 The rebirth of Wergaia: a collaborative effortReid, Julie
12-Nov-201022 Strategies for doing the possible: supporting school Aboriginal language programs in NSWRhydwen, Mari
12-Nov-201023 Questions of fluency in Australian languages revitalisationHobson, John
12-Nov-201024 Sounds, spelling and learning to read an Aboriginal languageJones, Caroline; Chandler, Paul; Lowe, Kevin
12-Nov-201025 English influence on the pronunciation of re-awakened Aboriginal languagesReid, Nicholas
12-Nov-201026 Increasing the acessibility of information on the Indigenous languages of VictoriaBowe, Heather; Reid, Julie; Lynch, Kathy
12-Nov-201027 Flexible IT resources for community language reclamation: using culturally appropriate contextsKutay, Cat; Fisher, George; Green, Richard
12-Nov-201028 Electronic dictionaries for language reclamationWilson, Aidan
12-Nov-201029 Libraries, languages and linking upBaisden, Faith
12-Nov-20103 Our ways of learning in Aboriginal languagesKaawoppa Yunkaporta, Tyson
7-Jun-20133-Band Multiband Compressor implementation in MATLABBrickhill, Thomas
12-Nov-201030 Yan-nhanu language documentation and revitalisationBowern, Claire; James, Bentley
12-Nov-201031 A house already lived inEira, Christina; Solomon-Dent, Lynnette