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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1999Cases within cases: transformation and contextForster, Jill; Horsley, Mike; Faculty of Education and Social Work
1986Cast-Metal Resin Bonded Bridges: A Laboratory And Clinical StudySykes, David; Faculty of Dentistry
Jul-2014Caste and life stage biased gene expression in Formica exsectaMorandin, Claire; Dhaygude, Kishor; Paviala, Jenni; Wheat, Christopher; Trontti, Kalevi; Helantera , Heikki
Jul-2014Caste determination in eusocial bees: A key role of terpenoids?Jarau, Stefan
Jul-2014Caste plasticity maximises personal fitness at the origin of socialityBell, Emily; Sounthon, Robin; Patalano, Solenn; Radford, Andy; Sumner, Seirian
Jul-2014Caste Specific Pheromone-Related Gene Expression in Honeybee Mandibular GlandsHefetz, Abraham; Malka, Osnat; Lastro-Nino, Elina; Grozinger, Christina
Jul-2014Caste-specific RNA-editomes in the leaf-cutting ant Acromyrmex echinatiorLi, Qiye; Wang, Zongji; Lian, Jinmin; Schiott, Morten; Nygaard, Sanne; Boomsma, Jacobus J.; Zhang, Guojie
Jul-1999Casting a little more light - do we really know what enterprise bargaining has meant for women's wages in Australia?Heiler, Kathryn; Arsovska, Betty; Hall, Richard
18-Sep-2015Catalogue of books of N.D. StenhouseStenhouse, Nicol Drysdale; Rare Books and Special Collections
1870Catalogue of the Museum of Antiquities of the Sydney UniversityNicholson Museum
31-Mar-2014Catalytic bromination for organic synthesisRecsei, Carl
31-Mar-2015Catalytic conversion of biomass- and petrochemical-derived model compounds over acidic catalystsWang, Zichun
2002Catalytic Oxidation of 4-t-butyltolueneAnwar Amin, Ahmed
31-Mar-2013Catalytic Upgrading of Bio-oils via Bimolecular and Monomolecular DeoxygenationWang, Lei Zhi
2007Catching the reading bug: looking at how to immerse children in the literary experience using visual and textual literacyHicks, Jacqueline; Library
18-Apr-2012Categories of Perception for Vibrato, Flange, and Stereo ChorusMartens, William; Marui, Atsushi
2003Catholic bodies : a history of the training and daily life of three religious teaching orders in New South Wales, 1860 to 1930Jarrett, Jennifer Ann; School of Policy and Curriculum Studies in Education
2011CatilineFitzpatrick, Tim; Department of Performance Studies
Apr-2006Cationic Oligomeric Surfactants: Novel Synthesis and CharacterizationTopp, Kathryn Alexandra
2013Cato, Roman Stoicism, and the American ‘Revolution’Harper, Katherine