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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008cDNA-AFLP profiling of low-temperature-induced transcripts in wheatYoung L; Ganeshan S; Fowler DB; Chibbar RN
2013Celebra.Laurenzo, Tomas; Clark, Christian
2014Celebrity chefs: class mobility, media, masculinityLee, Nancy
2004Cell cycle protein expression in AIDS-related and classical Kaposi's sarcomaHong, Angela Manyin
1999Cell Structure Re-Organisation In Relation To The Adaptation Of Vascular Networks To Tensile StressPoon, Yvonne Maria; Faculty of Dentistry
2001The cell-associated fructosyltransferase of streptococcus salivarius ATCC 25975Rathsam, Catherine; Faculty of Dentistry
28-Feb-2014Cellular and Clinical Characterisaiton of Solitary, Primary Breast Cancer CellCHIEN, Hsin-Ya
2003Cellular And Molecular Control Of Root ResorptionLow, Eva Oi Wha; Faculty of Dentistry
2002Cellular biology of chilling-induced pollen failure in riceMamun, Mohammad Ezaz Al
30-Oct-2013Cellular Characteristics of LymphangioleiomyomatosisNG, Ho Yin
2005Cellularity of Twisted Semigroup Algebras of Regular SemigroupsWilcox, Stewart
Jul-2014Cellulose catabolism in the gut of the termite, Hodotermopsis sjostedtiTokuda, Gaku; Kikuchi, Jun
2013The Celtic QuestionDonnelly, Harriet; Department of Archaeology
1937Centaur 1937Veterinary Society of the University of Sydney
1938Centaur 1938Veterinary Society of the University of Sydney
1939Centaur 1939Veterinary Society of the University of Sydney
1941Centaur 1941Veterinary Society of the University of Sydney
1942Centaur 1942Veterinary Society of the University of Sydney
1943Centaur 1943Veterinary Society of the University of Sydney
1944Centaur 1944-45Veterinary Society of the University of Sydney