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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014The Causes and Consequences of a Colonising PollinatorLloyd, Kirsty; Knight, Mairi; Ellis, Jonathan; Brown, Mark J.F.; Goulson, Dave
Jul-2014Causes and consequences of thelytoky in the ant Cerapachys biroiFetter-Pruneda, Ingrid; Oxley, Peter; Kronauer, Daniel
2008‘Caution Children Crossing Ahead’: Child protection education with pre-service teachers using a strengths approachFenton, Angela
2002The Cave and the Spring: Essays on PoetryHope, A. D. (Alec Derwent)
2005Cave Aragonites of New South WalesRowling, Jill
1969The cavity sealing efficiency of composite resin and silicate cement restorations : its relationship to micropenetration by radioactive tracersCraig, Graham George; Faculty of Dentistry
2008Cbf gene regulation in wheat in response to varying cold acclimation induction temperaturesPozniak CJ; Campolli C; Fowler DB
2008cDNA-AFLP profiling of low-temperature-induced transcripts in wheatYoung L; Ganeshan S; Fowler DB; Chibbar RN
2013Celebra.Laurenzo, Tomas; Clark, Christian
2014Celebrity chefs: class mobility, media, masculinityLee, Nancy
2004Cell cycle protein expression in AIDS-related and classical Kaposi's sarcomaHong, Angela Manyin
1999Cell Structure Re-Organisation In Relation To The Adaptation Of Vascular Networks To Tensile StressPoon, Yvonne Maria; Faculty of Dentistry
2001The cell-associated fructosyltransferase of streptococcus salivarius ATCC 25975Rathsam, Catherine; Faculty of Dentistry
28-Feb-2014Cellular and Clinical Characterisaiton of Solitary, Primary Breast Cancer CellCHIEN, Hsin-Ya
2003Cellular And Molecular Control Of Root ResorptionLow, Eva Oi Wha; Faculty of Dentistry
2002Cellular biology of chilling-induced pollen failure in riceMamun, Mohammad Ezaz Al
30-Oct-2013Cellular Characteristics of LymphangioleiomyomatosisNG, Ho Yin
2005Cellularity of Twisted Semigroup Algebras of Regular SemigroupsWilcox, Stewart
Jul-2014Cellulose catabolism in the gut of the termite, Hodotermopsis sjostedtiTokuda, Gaku; Kikuchi, Jun
2013The Celtic QuestionDonnelly, Harriet; Department of Archaeology