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2011Can the centre hold? Prospects for mobilising media activism around public service broadcasting using peace journalismLynch, Jake
2013Can the Theoretical Domains Framework account for the implementation of clinical quality interventions? A qualitative synthesis and mapping experiment.Lipworth, W; Taylor, N; Braithwaite, J
26-Nov-2012Can Theory Disempower? Making Space for Agency in Theories of Indigenous IssuesPetray, Theresa; Sociology and Social Policy
Jul-2014Can transposons drive genomic mosaicism between castes in Solenopsis invicta?Chang, Ni-Chen; Wang, John
3-Dec-2010Can't you see how it works? Exploring the social construction of vision-impaired people's vocational rehabilitationWaugh, Pamela June
2011Cancer As Rubbish: Donation of tumor tissue for research.Morrell, B; Lipworth, W; Axler, R; Kerridge, I; Little, M
FoS_095.TIF.jpg8-Jul-1963The cancer breakthrough?-
7-Jan-2015Cancer survival in New South Wales (NSW) and the impact of distance from and access to cancer surgical services: a data linkage studyTracey, Elizabeth Ann
FoS_094.TIF.jpg1-Jul-1963Cancer through the ages-
Jul-2014Candidate markers for adaptive conservation genetics of bumblebeesEllis, Jonathan; Turner, Lucy; Knight, Mairi
Mar-2006Canine Neural AngiostrongyliasisLunn, Julian Alexander
Jul-2008Cannabinoid and neuregulin 1 gene interaction as an animal model of increased vulnerability to schizophreniaBoucher, Aurelie Alexandra
12-Dec-2008Canons in the classroom: An exploration of teachers' selection of works for musicological examination in New South Wales.Fienberg, Thomas
Nov-1995Cantillon on Real Wages and Employment: a rational reconstruction of the significance of land utilizationAspromourgos, Tony; Department of Economics
27-Feb-2015The Capability to Align Estimated Performance with Actual Performance: Insights from Physical & Cognitive Performance ContextsHubka, Tate
Jun-2015Capacity Building for Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction in IndonesiaCentre for Disability Research and Policy; University of Sydney; Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Indonesia; Centre for Disability Research and Policy
2011Capital Punishment: How Economic Geography Shapes Low-capability WarfareButcher, Charles
2013Capture - Upload - Broadcast. A case study in the gatekeeping of amateur footageBagshaw, Eryk; Department of Media and Communications
21-Sep-2012Capturing Archaeological Performance on Digital Video: Implications for Teaching and Learning ArchaeologyColley, Sarah; Gibbs, Martin; Department of Archaeology
Dec-2009Car Parking Matters to Small Retailers: An Historical Case Study of Three Town Centres in MarrickvilleMoutou, Claudine