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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Capital Punishment: How Economic Geography Shapes Low-capability WarfareButcher, Charles
2013Capture - Upload - Broadcast. A case study in the gatekeeping of amateur footageBagshaw, Eryk; Department of Media and Communications
21-Sep-2012Capturing Archaeological Performance on Digital Video: Implications for Teaching and Learning ArchaeologyColley, Sarah; Gibbs, Martin; Department of Archaeology
Dec-2009Car Parking Matters to Small Retailers: An Historical Case Study of Three Town Centres in MarrickvilleMoutou, Claudine
Jul-2014Carbohydrate availability correlates with yellow crazy ant abundance and trophic positionLach, Lori; Hoffmann, Benjamin D.; Moir, Melinda L.
Nov-2014The carboxyl-terminal binding protein-1 (CTBP-1) can function in the nervous system to regulate longevity, gene expression and axon guidanceReid, Anna
2011The CardinalFitzpatrick, Tim; Department of Performance Studies
10-Mar-2014Cardiopulmonary function in children with congenital heart disease aged 8-12 years: eoes performance meet perception?Halliday, Melanie Ann
8-Oct-2014Care-for-child-refugeesBabones, Salvatore
Nov-2011The Career Costs of ChildrenAdda, Jérôme; Dustmann, Christian; Stevens, Katrien; School of Economics
1997The career of class : intellectuals and the labour movement in Australia 1942-56Scalmer, Sean; Department of Government
2013Carer and service providers’ experiences of individual funding models for children with a disability in rural and remote areasDew, Angela; Bulkeley, Kim; Veitch, Craig; Bundy, Anita; Lincoln, Michelle; Brentnall, Jennie; Gallego, Gisselle; Griffiths, Scott; Faculty of Health Sciences
Jun-2014Carer' Therapy Access SurveyDew, Angela; Iljadica, Alexandra; Chedid, Rebecca; Gallego, Gisselle; Faculty of Health Sciences
15-Jan-2009Caring for profit? The impact of for-profit providers on the quality of employment in paid careKing, Debra; Martin, Bill
3-Sep-2014Caring for young people with cancer: Practical implications of qualitative engagement with cancer survivors and those who care for themLewis, P; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Jordens, C; Bennett, David; Patterson, P; McDonald, F; Kerridge, I
8-Oct-2008A carnival of words: The 'Dictionary of Words in the Wild' and public textualityMcCarty, Willard; King's College London
2009Carriers of responsibility : an existential encounter with parents who know their child is, or could be, a carrier of a mutation in the cystic fibrosis geneAttard, Melanie Jane.; Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery
2011Carrots and sticks: principles of animal trainingMcGreevy, Paul; Boakes, Robert
2005Cascade testing in Familial Hypercholesterolaemia: how should family members be contacted?Newson, A.J.; Humphries, S.E.
5-Jul-2012Case et al (2011) A tale of two cities: Young people, anti-social behaviour and localised public opinionSouthwell, Margaret