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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Nov-2013A call to arms from Oz to American academicsBabones, Salvatore
13-May-2014Calsequestrin as a risk factor in Graves’ hyperthyroidism and Graves’ ophthalmopathy patientsCultrone, Daniele
2012Camels, ships and trains : translation across the 'Indian Archipelago,' 1860-1930Khatun, Samia; Department of History
May-2012Camouflaged Trade AgreementsAppelbaum, Elie; Melatos, Mark; School of Economics
a1211022.jpg.jpg5-Aug-1893A Camp-fire YarnLawson, Henry
2013Campaign Professionals: party officials and the professionalisation of Australian politicsMills, Stephen
10-Jul-2012Can a financial transactions tax work in America? An FTT FAQBabones, Salvatore
28-Feb-2011Can a witness report hearsay evidence unintentionally? The effects of discussion on eyewitness memoryPaterson, Helen M; Kemp, Richard I; McIntyre, Sarah
2008Can ABA signaling be used to develop drought tolerant wheat?Schramm E; Abellera J; Strader L; Campbell KG
16-Feb-2010“Can Daft Punk Play At My House?”Hui, Alan; Department of Media and Communications
Dec-2009Can Historical Research into Fengshui Tell Us Anything about Business in China?Paton, Michael
1984Can I help you? : a systemic-functional exploration of service encounter interactionVentola, Eija
29-Aug-2013Can planting trees make it rain?: the impact of trees on precipitation through land-atmosphere feedbackLiang, Chun Xia
Jul-2014Can social pheromones regulate reproduction in non-social insects?Camiletti, Alison; Thompson, Graham
2011Can the centre hold? Prospects for mobilising media activism around public service broadcasting using peace journalismLynch, Jake
2013Can the Theoretical Domains Framework account for the implementation of clinical quality interventions? A qualitative synthesis and mapping experiment.Lipworth, W; Taylor, N; Braithwaite, J
26-Nov-2012Can Theory Disempower? Making Space for Agency in Theories of Indigenous IssuesPetray, Theresa; Sociology and Social Policy
Jul-2014Can transposons drive genomic mosaicism between castes in Solenopsis invicta?Chang, Ni-Chen; Wang, John
3-Dec-2010Can't you see how it works? Exploring the social construction of vision-impaired people's vocational rehabilitationWaugh, Pamela June
2011Cancer As Rubbish: Donation of tumor tissue for research.Morrell, B; Lipworth, W; Axler, R; Kerridge, I; Little, M