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2005Brazilian Interstate Passenger Transportation Industry: Concentration and ReturnsRocha, Carlos Henrique; Martins, Francisco Giusepe Donato; Machado, Taylor Montedo
1990Brazilian music in Sydney, 1971-1984 : an emic-etic approach to the structure of folk modelsRyan, Michael J. (Michael Joseph); Department of Music
1999The Brazilian Urban Bus Industry: Present Challenges and Future PerspectivesAragão, Joaquim José Guilherme de; Brasileiro, Anísio
2008Bread making quality attributes of Iranian trade cultivars of wheat and their HMW glutenin subunits compositionNajafian G; Bahraee S; Baghaee N; Morteza-gholi M; Babaee-Goli E
4-Nov-2015The Breakage Behaviour of Irregularly–Shaped ParticlesMiao, Guien
2001Breaking the Browsing Barrier for Historic Searching of Newspaper TextsKeegan, Te Taka
Nov-2000Breaking the rules, breaking the law: continuities in girls' resistances as identity workBottrell, Dorothy; Faculty of Education and Social Work
1997Breakup and mesozoic seafloor spreading between the Australian and Indian platesMihut, Dona; Department of Geology and Geophysics
29-Sep-2009Breast Cancer Classification, according to Immunohistochemistry Determination of Oestrogen, Progesterone and HER2 Receptor, has Important Prognostic ValueLee, Chee Khoon; Sydney School of Public Health
1997Breast feeding in Australia: A comparative study of Aboriginal and non Aboriginal womenGlase, Kathryn; Indigenous Heath Studies
12-Jan-2016Breast tomosynthesis: Novel detection of breast cancerAlakhras, Maram Mustafa
14-Apr-2014Breastfeeding after augmentation mammoplasty: Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisRoberts, Christine L.; Schiff, Michal; Algert, Charles S.
1994Breastfeeding policies and the social context of breastfeedingJackson, Sandra; Behavioural & Social Sciences in Health
062.TIF.jpg12-Nov-1962The breath of life-
2013Breathe - wearing your air.Anderson, Benedict; Diniz, Nancy
30-Aug-2013Breed risk, immunophenotypes and genomic studies of canine atopic dermatitisMazrier, Hamutal
2008Breeding and introduction of waxy wheat Nuomai no.12Wang T; Xu ZB; Shu SG; Ren Y
2008Breeding desired quality wheat by reverse geneticsDong, C; Vincent, K; Dalton-Morgan, J; Sharp, P
2008Breeding for a changing world and genetic modification of photosynthesis in wheatKershanskaya O
2008Breeding for biofuel productionBotes WC; Tsupko Y; Dix R; De Groot S; Saul H