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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Buses and Vans - Assessing Public Transport Competition in Rio de Janeiro BrazilBalassiano, Ronaldo; Braga, Marilita G.C.
2009Buses with High Level Of Service (BHLS) – Operational, Regulatory And Contractual DimensionsFinn, Brendan; Heddebaut, Odile; Rabuel, Sebastien; van der Spek, David; Brader, Colin
2011Bush Level Bureaucrats - National Parks Rangers’ Use of Discretion in Implementing Wild Dog PolicyCraven, Alice; Department of Government and International Relations
Dec-2009Business History as Capstone CoursesColquhoun, Philip
2006Business/CultureKornberger, Martin
2001Buṭrus al-Bustānī 1819-1883) : a study of his life, achievements and ideasRaffoul, Pierre Georges
2007BUZ Routes, Frequency + Reliability - the winning formulaWarren, Alan
1968By hook and by crook : the Anglican Diocese of Bathurst, 1870-1911Teale, Ruth Meredity; Department of History
2014Byzantine mosaic workshops of north-west JordanSilkatcheva, Ana
1986C. E. Martin : a political biography, 1900-1953White, Paul (Paul Gerard)
2009Calculating colour: whiteness, anthropological research and the Cummeragunja Aboriginal Reserve, May and June 1938Davis, Fiona
1999Calendar 1999University of Sydney, Secretariat
2000Calendar 2000University of Sydney, Secretariat
2001Calendar 2001University of Sydney, Secretariat
2002Calendar 2002University of Sydney, Secretariat
2003Calendar 2003University of Sydney, Secretariat
2004Calendar 2004University of Sydney, Secretariat
2005Calendar 2005University of Sydney, Secretariat
2006Calendar 2006University of Sydney, Secretariat
2007Calendar 2007University of Sydney, Secretariat