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2008Characterisation of glutenin subunits in spelt wheat (Triticum aestivum ssp. spelta L)Raman, H; Rehman, A; Li, L; Wujun, M; Luckett, D; Neeson, R; Békés, F
2000The characterisation of macrophage functions in untreated adult periodontitisChapple, Cheryl Christine; Faculty of Dentistry
Mar-2000The characterisation of macrophage functions in untreated adult periodontitisChapple, Cheryl Christine
31-Mar-2014Characterisation of microRNA gene families in ArabidopsisLitholdo Junior, Celso Gaspar
18-Oct-2007Characterisation of mutants influencing epigenetic gene silencing in the mouseBruxner, Timothy James
29-Aug-2014Characterisation of Nanocarbons and Their Interactions: Phonon Mode-Structure RelationshipsKing, Alice Amy Katherine
2011Characterisation of Porcine Colostrum and its Impact on Piglet GrowthGeale, Pauline. F.
2008Characterisation of puroindoline genes in wild tetraploid and hexaploid wheats (Triticum araraticum; T. timopheevii and T. zhukovskyi)Simeone MC; Sestili F; Laino P; Lafiandra D
28-Jan-2014Characterisation of the immune response following natural herpes zoster reactivation and during post-herpetic neuralgiaSutherland, Jeremy Philip
2003Characterisation Of The Mechanical Properties And Microstructure Of Three Pressable All-Ceramic Dental MaterialsAlbakry, Mohammad; Faculty of Dentistry
28-Aug-2013Characterisation of the MHC region in the Australian black flying fox, Pteropus alectoNg, Han Jia
8-Feb-2009Characterisation of the zinc fingers of Erythroid Kruppel-Like FactorHallal, Samantha
27-Mar-2014Characterisation of turbulence in an open channel flow and in a fountain with tomographic PIV.Earl, Thomas Anthony
26-Aug-2013Characterisation, diversity and evolution of the saltwater crocodile MHCJaratlerdsiri, Weerachai
2000Characterising and Mapping Porcine Endogenous Retroviruses (PERVs)Lee, Jun Heon
Aug-2008Characterising and understanding swampy meadows in the NSW Central Tablelands region: a prerequisite for their restorationMactaggart, Barbara Gilmore
18-Jan-2010Characterising soil structural stability and form of sodic soil used for cotton productionSpeirs, Simon Douglas
28-Aug-2013Characterising the effect of Niobium-rich clusters on the microstructure-property relationships in CASTRIP® steelsShrestha, Sachin
2013Characteristics in the first vaginal birth and their association with mode of delivery in the subsequent birthChen, J.S.; Ford, J.B.; Ampt, A.J.; Simpson, J.M.; Roberts, C.L.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
2008Characteristics of biochemical markers and quality parameters using whole wheat flours in Korean wheat cultivars and linesPark CS; Woo SH; Heo HY; Park JC; Cheong YK; Kim JG