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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Feb-2009Characterisation of the zinc fingers of Erythroid Kruppel-Like FactorHallal, Samantha
26-Aug-2013Characterisation, diversity and evolution of the saltwater crocodile MHCJaratlerdsiri, Weerachai
2000Characterising and Mapping Porcine Endogenous Retroviruses (PERVs)Lee, Jun Heon
Aug-2008Characterising and understanding swampy meadows in the NSW Central Tablelands region: a prerequisite for their restorationMactaggart, Barbara Gilmore
18-Jan-2010Characterising soil structural stability and form of sodic soil used for cotton productionSpeirs, Simon Douglas
28-Aug-2013Characterising the effect of Niobium-rich clusters on the microstructure-property relationships in CASTRIPĀ® steelsShrestha, Sachin
2013Characteristics in the first vaginal birth and their association with mode of delivery in the subsequent birthChen, J.S.; Ford, J.B.; Ampt, A.J.; Simpson, J.M.; Roberts, C.L.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
2008Characteristics of biochemical markers and quality parameters using whole wheat flours in Korean wheat cultivars and linesPark CS; Woo SH; Heo HY; Park JC; Cheong YK; Kim JG
1976Characteristics Of Organisation Of Dental Private Practice In AustraliaRichards, Peter R; Faculty of Dentistry
27-Nov-2014The characteristics of potatoes differing in glycemic indexEk, Kai Lin
2013Characteristics of the Supranormal Speaking Voice: Radio PerformersWarhurst, Samantha
2013Characteristics, causes and treatment of postpartum haemorrhage in first and second pregnanciesFord, J.B.; Shand, A.W.; Roberts, C.L.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research
2008Characterization of ABA sensitivity mutants altered abiotic stress tolerance in common wheatKobayashi F; Takumi S; Handa H
Jul-2014Characterization of Bifidobacteria in the Indigenous Honeybee of Saudi ArabiaAnsari, Mohammad; Al-Ghamdi, Ahmad; Khan, Khalid
2008Characterization of Elymus humidus as a candidate for genetic resource of wheat water toleranceSasanuma T; Takata K; Kawaguchi K; Oyanagi A
2008Characterization of low-molecular-weight glutenin subunit genes at Glu-B3 and GluD3 loci and development of functional markers in common wheatWang L; Zhao X; He ZH; Xia XC
2008Characterization of seedling and adult-plant resistance to stem rust race Ug99 in Iranian bread wheat landracesNazari K; Amini A; Yahyaoui A; Singh R
2008Characterization of T. aestivum-H. californicum addition lines DA2H and MA5HWang XE; Kong F; Wang HY; Cao AZ; Qin B; Ji JH; Wang SI
31-Mar-2014Characterization of the fundamental properties of wireless CSMA multi-hop networksYang, Tao