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1959Centaur 1959Veterinary Society of the University of Sydney
1960Centaur 1960Veterinary Society of the University of Sydney
Jul-2004Central Bank Interventions in the Yen-Dollar Spot MarketSheen, Jeffrey; Kim, Suk-Joong; Economics
10-Nov-2011Centralized labor agreements in Finland: How unions, companies, and government can work together for a better societyBabones, Salvatore
2011Centre and Periphery: Spatial Strategies of Storytelling in Herodotus' HistoriesStone, Irene Elizabeth May; Department of Classics and Ancient History
2006The Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in MedicineLittle, M; Kerridge, I
CentreJointUpperChord12_9_30.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Centre joint - upper chord-
CentreJointLowerChord25_7_30.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Centre joint, lower chord - North side-
CentrePointTopChord.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Centre point of top chord-
1978Centric Occlusion And Centric Relation In The Natural DentitionBook, Vimbie Negapatan; Faculty of Dentistry
29-Mar-2012CEO pay: money well earned?Babones, Salvatore
1988A Cephalometric Analysis Of Changes Occuring During And After Begg TreatmentGoh, Gek Kiow; Faculty of Dentistry
1992Cephalometric Analysis Of Deutero-Malay IndonesianMunanda, Drg. Susanti; Faculty of Dentistry
1968A Cephalometric Appraisal Of Orthodontic Correction Of OverbiteCostello, Maurice J; Faculty of Dentistry
1976A Cephalometric Study Of Profile Changes In Begg Orthodontic TherapySoedaryanto, Drg; Faculty of Dentistry
1979A Cephalometric Study Of Short Term Mandibular Adaptations To Bite Opening With A Maxillary Bite PlateRapaport, Morris; Faculty of Dentistry
Jun-2005A Cereal Chemist's Quick Guide to Genetics, Plant Breeding and BioITFincher, Geoffrey B.; Johnson, Clare; Value Added Wheat CRC
1999Cereal structure and compositionEvers, A. D; Blakeney, A. B; O'Brien, L
CeremonyOfLaying26_3_25.tif.jpg24-Mar-2006Ceremony of laying the foundation stone on 26th March 1925-
BoyleCertain1669.tif.jpg1669Certain physiological essays and other tracts; written at distant times, and on several occasions. By the Honourable Robert Boyle. The 2d ed. Wherein some of the tracts are enlarged by experiments, and the work is increased by the addition of a discourse about the absolute rest in bodies.Boyle, Robert