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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Chapter 6 - The German Solomon Islands, together with Nissan and the Carteret IslandsParkinson, Richard
2007Chapter 6 – The radio war and a new performing rightAtkinson, Benedict
2010Chapter 7 - The Eastern Islands (Nuguria, Tauu and Nukumanu)Parkinson, Richard
2007Chapter 7 – Public inquiry and arguments over performing rightsAtkinson, Benedict
2010Chapter 8 - Secret Societies, Totemism, Masks and Mask DancesParkinson, Richard
2007Chapter 8 – Beyond authors’ rightsAtkinson, Benedict
2008Chapter 9Kenny, Dianna T; Nelson, Paul K
2010Chapter 9 - Stories and FablesParkinson, Richard
2007Chapter 9 – ReformAtkinson, Benedict
2008Chapters 1-3Kenny, Dianna T; Nelson, Paul K
2008Chapters 4-6Kenny, Dianna T; Nelson, Paul K
2008Chapters 7-8Kenny, Dianna T; Nelson, Paul K
1990Characterisation and pulmonary deposition of therapeutic and diagnostic aqueous aerosolsPhipps, Paul R. (Paul Robert); Department of Pharmacy
31-Mar-2014Characterisation of a gene critical in eye and lens developmentGreenlees, Rebecca
16-Dec-2014Characterisation of APC localisation, dynamics and functions at the centrosomeLui, Christina Ka-Wing
31-Mar-2014Characterisation of circulating and endometrial dendritic cell populations in fertile and infertile women with and without endometriosisWong, Yee Tak Cecilia
2008Characterisation of durum germplasm for aluminium resistance using nutrient solution cultureRaman H; Hare, R; Graham K; Coombes N; Raman R
28-Aug-2013Characterisation of endogenous retroviruses in the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)Chong, Amanda Yoon-Yee
31-Mar-2014Characterisation of experimentally induced and spontaneously occurring disease within captive bred dasyuridsLindsay, Scott Andrew
Aug-2008Characterisation of genotypes and phenotypes of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infecting people with cystic fibrosisTingpej, Pholawat