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30-Aug-2013Autobiographical Past and Future Thinking in Patientis with Temporal Lobe EpilepsyLechowicz, Meryn
1989Autogenous Secondary Alveolar Bone Grafting In The Treatment Of Cleft Lip And PalateJayasekera, Tissa R; Faculty of Dentistry
5-Dec-2013Autoimmune Epilepsy in ChildhoodSuleiman, Jehan
2003Autoimmunity In Chronic PeriodontitisYe, Ping; Faculty of Dentistry
2003Autoimmunity in chronic periodontitisYe, Ping
FoS035.tif.jpg7-May-1962The automan-
16-Jul-2013Automated analysis of natural gamm logs by gaussian processes: Application to marker shales in iron ore minesSilversides, Katherine
24-May-2013An Automated and Robust Tumours Detection and Segmentation Framework for Whole-Body PET-CT StudiesBi, Lei
19-Jun-2014The automated CBT psychologist: the development and trial of an online cbt treatment program for stuttering adolescentsGunn, Anthony
30-Aug-2013Automated Concept Mapping and Post-Coordination Generation From Narrative Clinical NotesYin, Zhizhou
31-Mar-2015Automated Dynamic Error Analysis Methods for Optimization of Computer Arithmetic SystemsFrechtling, Michael Kenneth
28-Mar-2013Automated interpretation of benthic stereo imageryFriedman, Ariell Lee
18-Mar-2011Automated Quantification of Human Alpha RhythmChiang, Alan King Ip
25-Mar-2013Automatic detection of affect and cognitive load from multimodal informationHussain, Mohammed Sazzad
2001Automatic extraction of dates from historical documentsMckay, Dana; Cunningham, Sally Jo
10-Aug-2015Automatic Markerless Calibration of Multi-Modal Sensor ArraysTaylor, Zachary Jeremy
18-Aug-2014Automatic Population of Structured Reports from Narrative Pathology ReportsOu, Ying
26-Jun-2012Automatic Television Volume Controller - GCuthbertCuthbert, Grant
31-Jul-2015Automaticity and Cognitive Control in the Learned Predictiveness EffectShone, Lauren Tamsyn