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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Aug-2014Automatic Population of Structured Reports from Narrative Pathology ReportsOu, Ying
26-Jun-2012Automatic Television Volume Controller - GCuthbertCuthbert, Grant
31-Mar-2013Autonomous Exploration of Large-Scale Natural EnvironmentsBender, Asher
May-2000Autonomy and civic virtue: a republican educational fantasyHogan, David
2009Autonomy in Modern Japanese LiteratureTakayashiki, Masahito
1976Auxiliary Personnel In Rural Dental Health Programmes For Developing CountriesHii, M. Y. L; Faculty of Dentistry
1987The availability of data in relation to needs and resources within the School Dental Service, Western Metropolitan Health Region, N.S.W.Webb, Bettine Constance; Faculty of Dentistry
Jul-2014Aversive learning of tastes in the honeybeeGuiraud, Marie; Giurfa, Martin; Hotier, Lucie; de Brito Sanchez, Gabriela
29-Oct-2011Aviation union busting at QantasBabones, Salvatore
21-Aug-2014Avoiding the 'costly' crisis: Informing renal services design and delivery for Aboriginal people in rural/regional New South Wales, AustraliaRix, Elizabeth Florence
2009Awakening the latent entrepreneur or fulfilling society’s responsibility: Individualisation of funding for support services for people with disabilityThaler, Ofir; Department of Sociology and Social Policy
Jul-1991Award restructuring and workplace reform in New South Wales road freight transportBray, Mark
May-1991Award restructuring in the Electricity Trust of South AustraliaMacIntosh, M.L.
Aug-2006The awarded young adult novel in Greece (1985-2004)Komninou, Nikolitsa
2002Awards, Certified Agreements and AWAs – Some ReflectionsPlowman, David H
May-2001AWAs: Changing the Structure of Wages?van Barneveld, Kristin; Arsovska, Betty
2014An Awkward Situation: The Courts' Approach to a Judical Officer Suing for DefamationSahore, Aarushi; Sydney Law School
1992Axial pile response in calcareous sedimentChin, Jhin-Thiam; School of Civil and Mining Engineering
13-Dec-2013Axonal excitability in disorders of the peripheral and central nervous systemNg, Keow Giong
2014Azithromycin-resistant syphilis-causing strains in Sydney: prevalence and risk factorsRead, P; Jeoffreys, N; Tagg, K; Guy, R; Gilbert, GL; Donovan, B