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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1917Bacteriological and other researches in AntarcticsMcLean, Archibald Lang; Medicine?
2004Bad Conscience: Nietzsche and Responsibility in ModernityMcGill, Justine
2008Bailout creates real opportunities for next presidentBabones, Salvatore
Jun-2007Baking Quality in Australian Varieties – Final ReportTonkin, R. E; Cornish, G. B; Value Added Wheat CRC
2011Balance, balancing and healthLipworth, W; Hooker, C; Carter, SM
Jul-2014Balancing act: Head stabilisation in Myrmecia ants during twilightRaderschall, Chloe; Narendra, Ajay; Zeil, Jochen
Nov-2012Balancing Binaries: Michelet, Woman and the Tightrope of HistoryTeoman, Darejan; Department of History
a1211141.jpg.jpg13-Oct-1894Baldy Thompson. A Sketch of a SquatterLawson, Henry
2012The Banality of ArcadiaCrump, Edwin; Department of Government and International Relations
Feb-2005Bangladesh-India Bilateral Trade: Causes of Imbalance and Measures for ImprovementRahman, Mohammad Mafizur; Economics
2004'Banking on the Customer': customer relations, employment relations and worker identity in the Australian retail banking industryCutcher, Leanne Rose
DEF6-3.tif.jpg3-Jul-2007Barcarole. [From F. Schubert]Zani de Ferranti, Marco Aurelio
Jul-1994Bargaining and Strikes: From an Equilibrium to an Evolutionary FrameworkKafouros, W.; Varoufakis, Y.; Economics
Sep-1996The Barings Collapse: Explanations and ImplicationsHogan, W.P.; Department of Economics
Apr-2010Baroque Optics and the Disappearance of the Observer: From Kepler’s Optics to Descartes’ DoubtGal, Ofer; Chen-Morris, Raz
1999Barrels, jets and smoke-rings: Understanding the bizarre shapes of radio supernova remnantsGaensler, Bryan Malcolm
30-Aug-2013Barrett's esophagus and its association with hiatal hernia, cigarette smoking and colonic tumorsAndrici, Juliana
3-Apr-2013Barriers and Resistance to Specialty Alcohol Treatment Amongst Alcoholic Liver Disease Transplant Candidates Preceding and Following Liver TransplantationHeyes, Cathy Mary
2000Barriers to attending rehabilitation treatment centres: A case of the Gumbaynnggir NationCraig, Reginald; Indigenous Heath Studies
1992Barriers to Market Entry: Practical Experiences of UK Bus MarketBlundred, H.D.