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1987The administrative structure and urban geography of the jund of Filasṭīn and the jund of al-Urdunn : the cities and districts of Palestine and East Jordan during the early Islamic, 'Abbāsid and early Fāṭamid periodsWalmesley, Alan G. (Alan George); Faculty of Arts
1980Alchemy and art during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuriesGrant, Lynette Dawn.; Faculty of Arts
1989The Amis village of Ligats : change and continuityChang, Wendy Hui-tuan; Faculty of Arts
1974An analysis of arrival directions and shower front curvatures of large air showers observed by the Sugar arrayDenehy, Brian Vaughan; Faculty of Arts
1976An archaeological approach to the study of Australian rock artMaynard, Lesley; Faculty of Arts
18-Jun-2010Archaeological Fish Bone Images Archive TablesColley, Sarah; Department of Archaeology; Faculty of Arts
1975The art of Roland WakelinWatson, Anne (Anne Jeanette); Faculty of Arts
31-Oct-2008Arts Faculty Research Performance Day 2008: Digital ResearchSukovic, Suzana; Faculty of Arts
2010Arts Postgraduate Handbook 2010University of Sydney; Faculty of Arts
2011Arts Postgraduate Handbook 2011University of Sydney; Faculty of Arts
2010Arts Undergraduate Handbook 2010University of Sydney; Faculty of Arts
2011Arts Undergraduate Handbook 2011University of Sydney; Faculty of Arts
1961Aspects of aboriginal station managementHausfeld, Russell Gordon; Faculty of Arts
1965Australia and British imperial policy : colonial autonomy and the imperial idea, 1885-1902.Melhuish, Kathleen Joy; Faculty of Arts
2000The Chinnery family papers (1793-1843)Yim, Denise; Faculty of Arts
1987Courts of conscience : English Archdeacons' courts at the time of the Reformation, c.1515-1558Crawford, David John; Faculty of Arts
2010Crime and outrage : sexual villains and sexual violence in New South Wales, 1870-1930Kaladelfos, Amanda; Faculty of Arts
1963The development of Byron's satiric modeGreer, Germaine, 1939-; Faculty of Arts
1970The early career of John Dunmore Lang 1823-1840 : its relationship to his increasing participation in public affairs and his growing conviction to be active in this area of political and social matters : the relation of this to his theology and to him idea of the role of a clergyman in society.Wansbrough, John Howard.; Faculty of Arts
1980The early history of sex education, 1890-1930Farrow, Richard; Faculty of Arts