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2005“An ample and very poetical narrative”: the vicissitudes of “La Pia” between the literary and oral traditionsBarwick, Linda
2005“An ample and very poetical narrative”: the vicissitudes of “La Pia” between the literary and oral traditions.Barwick, Linda; PARADISEC, School of Literature, Art and Media
2007Arriving, digging, performing, returning: an exercise in rich interpretation of a djanba song text in the sound archive of the Wadeye Knowledge Centre, Northern Territory of AustraliaBarwick, Linda; Marett, Allan; Blythe, Joe; Walsh, Michael; PARADISEC, SLAM, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Department of Linguistics
1994Barwick, L. (1994). The Filipino komedya and the Italian maggio: cross-cultural perspectives on related genres of popular music theatreBarwick, Linda; Department of Music
2006Cybraries in paradise: new technologies and ethnographic repositories.Barwick, Linda; Thieberger, Nicholas
2003Endangered songs and endangered languages.Marett, Allan; Barwick, Linda
1987Italian traditional music in AdelaideBarwick, Linda
010.JPG.jpg2013Language Identifying Codes: Remaining Issues, Future ProspectsMusgrave, Simon; Barwick, Linda; Walsh, Michael; Treloar, Andrew
2006A musicologist’s wishlist: some issues, practices and practicalities in musical aspects of language documentation.Barwick, Linda
2006The National Recording Project for Indigenous Performance in Australia: year one in reviewMarett, Allan; Yunupingu, Mandawuy; Langton, Marcia; Gumbula, Neparrŋa; Barwick, Linda; Corn, Aaron
2005Networking digital data on endangered languages of the Asia Pacific regionBarwick, Linda
29-Nov-2006PARADISEC: Background statement for the APAC Data Collections workshop, 18 October 2005Barwick, Linda
004.JPG.jpg2013PARADISEC: its history and futureBarwick, Linda; Harris, Amanda; University of Sydney
2003Planning for PARADISECBarwick, Linda
2013PrefaceMarett, Allan; Barwick, Linda; Ford, Lysbeth
2013PrelimsMarett, Allan; Barwick, Linda; Ford, Lysbeth
1995‘Scolpire le parole’ [sculpting the words]: Context sensitivity in vocal and movement performance style of the Tuscan Maggio.Barwick, Linda
2006Sustainable data from digital fieldwork: the state of the art (Sydney, 2006)Barwick, Linda
2006Using fieldwork data in publications: musicologyBarwick, Linda
1-May-2008Wangga: Songs of North AustraliaBrowne, Gary; Christensen, Sten; Coleman, Ross; Marret, Allan; Barwick, Linda; University of Sydney Library