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1996Bupivacaine Versus Lignocaine For Third Molar Surgery-A Double Blind Randomised Crossover StudyBouloux, G. F; Faculty of Dentistry
1986Cast-Metal Resin Bonded Bridges: A Laboratory And Clinical StudySykes, David; Faculty of Dentistry
1969The cavity sealing efficiency of composite resin and silicate cement restorations : its relationship to micropenetration by radioactive tracersCraig, Graham George; Faculty of Dentistry
1999Cell Structure Re-Organisation In Relation To The Adaptation Of Vascular Networks To Tensile StressPoon, Yvonne Maria; Faculty of Dentistry
2001The cell-associated fructosyltransferase of streptococcus salivarius ATCC 25975Rathsam, Catherine; Faculty of Dentistry
2003Cellular And Molecular Control Of Root ResorptionLow, Eva Oi Wha; Faculty of Dentistry
1978Centric Occlusion And Centric Relation In The Natural DentitionBook, Vimbie Negapatan; Faculty of Dentistry
1988A Cephalometric Analysis Of Changes Occuring During And After Begg TreatmentGoh, Gek Kiow; Faculty of Dentistry
1992Cephalometric Analysis Of Deutero-Malay IndonesianMunanda, Drg. Susanti; Faculty of Dentistry
1968A Cephalometric Appraisal Of Orthodontic Correction Of OverbiteCostello, Maurice J; Faculty of Dentistry
1976A Cephalometric Study Of Profile Changes In Begg Orthodontic TherapySoedaryanto, Drg; Faculty of Dentistry
1979A Cephalometric Study Of Short Term Mandibular Adaptations To Bite Opening With A Maxillary Bite PlateRapaport, Morris; Faculty of Dentistry
1974Changes In Education And Their Relation To The Education Of Dental PersonnelSundram, P. S; Faculty of Dentistry
2004Changes In Physical Properties Of Human Premolar Cementum After Application Of Four Weeks Of Controlled Orthodontic ForcesChutimanutskul, Wanjira; Faculty of Dentistry
2009Changes In Physical Properties Of Human Premolar Cementum After The Application Of Controlled Orthodontic ForcesSrivicharnkul, Pennapa; Faculty of Dentistry
1998Changes In Reactivity Of P53,Ki-67 And Pcna Antigens In Oral Epithelium Following Tissue Fixation And Decalcification: Reversal Of These Effects By Microwave Antigen RetrievalAhmed, Shatafuddin Afzal; Faculty of Dentistry
1985Changing Patterns Of Oral Disease Prevalence In TongaMalolo, Makasini Lou'Akau; Faculty of Dentistry
1996The changing profile and characteristics of undergraduate dental students at the University of Sydney, 1992-1996Patel, Suresh Kanji; Faculty of Dentistry
2000The characterisation of macrophage functions in untreated adult periodontitisChapple, Cheryl Christine; Faculty of Dentistry
2003Characterisation Of The Mechanical Properties And Microstructure Of Three Pressable All-Ceramic Dental MaterialsAlbakry, Mohammad; Faculty of Dentistry