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2004The oral health of rheumatoid arthritis patients in NiigataMurasawa, Ayako; Faculty of Dentistry
2008The oral health of school children ageg 6 and 12 years in, Kerala, IndiaChristian, Bradley; Faculty of Dentistry
1996Oral health problems of elderly women in Australia : an holistic approachWhite, Jasmin; Faculty of Dentistry
1988Oral health status of primary school children and implications for dental care - Western Highlands Province, Papua New GuineaSoo, Ying Sum; Faculty of Dentistry
2007Oral health survey of school children aged 6 and 12 years in the Solomon IslandsVane, Ellison S; Faculty of Dentistry
1972Oral hygiene methods and proceduresSpencer, John; Faculty of Dentistry
2002Oral lichen planus : presence of human papillomavirus investigated by polymerase chain reactionGeorgiou, Anastasia Fotini; Faculty of Dentistry
8-Mar-2010Oral Long-Term Complications of Allogeneic Haematopoietic Stem Cell TransplantationHull, Katrusha; Faculty of Dentistry
1964Oral manifestations of endocrinopathy and endocrine therapy in dentistryLitchfield, N. Bruce; Faculty of Dentistry
1959The oral manifestations of systemic diseaseNorman, John Edgar deBurgh; Faculty of Dentistry
1974Oral problems and their management in the agedChang, P. H. Y; Faculty of Dentistry
1987Oral squamous carcinomaKtenas, Paul; Faculty of Dentistry
Jul-1993Oral submucous fibrosis : an immunohistochemical study of the epithelial growth fraction, and p53 protein presentationCox, Stephen Clive; Faculty of Dentistry
1966The organisation of a military dental serviceMartin, C. S; Faculty of Dentistry
1973Organisation of dental services in Paupa New GuineaVele, Andrew A; Faculty of Dentistry
1992Organisational structure for the Fiji Dental Service (A recommendation)Daunivalu, Sepesa; Faculty of Dentistry
1979Orthodontic adhesive residue following debondingKerr, Brett; Faculty of Dentistry
1985Orthodontic and biological considerations of deglutition, oro-linguo-facial muscle function, and tongue thrust : diagnosisKift, Russell J; Faculty of Dentistry
1979Orthodontic assessment of primary surgery in unilateral cleft lip and palate childrenBomba, Irene; Faculty of Dentistry
1987Orthodontic bonding to dental gold alloyForsyth, Gregory C; Faculty of Dentistry