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2012Health journalists’ perceptions of their professional roles and responsibilities for ensuring the veracity of reports of health researchForsyth, R; Morrell, B; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I; Jordens, C; Chapman, Simon
2013How the factoid of wind turbines causing “vibroacoustic disease” came to be “irrefutably demonstrated”.Chapman, Simon; St.George, Alexis
20-Jun-2014The Last Right: Australians take sides on the right to dieChapman, Simon; Leeder, Stephen R
2010Let sleeping dogs lie? What men should know before getting tested for prostate cancerChapman, Simon; Barratt, Alexandra; Stockler, Martin
28-Jun-2011Media Miracles: The Separation of Conjoined Twins, and Reflections on Minimal Television News Coverage of Health from Low- and Middle-Income CountriesImison, Michelle; Chapman, Simon
14-Feb-2013Over our dead bodies: Port Arthur and Australia's fight for gun controlChapman, Simon
25-Jun-2011Policies and Practices of Australian Universities on Competing Interests of Academic StaffChapman, Simon; Morrell, B; Forsyth, R; Kerridge, I; Steward, C; School of Public Health; Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine
8-Jan-2014Quitting unassisted: the 50-year research neglect of a major public health phenomenon.Smith, Andrea L; Chapman, Simon
22-May-2012Reaching “an audience that you would never dream of speaking to”: influential public health researchers’ views on the role of news media in influencing policy and public understanding.Chapman, Simon; Haynes, Abby; Derrick, Gemma E.; Sturk, Heidi; Hall, Wayne D; St.George, Alexis
2014Removing the emperor’s clothes: Australia and tobacco plain packagingChapman, Simon; Freeman, Becky
2011Reviewer refusal rates for 300,866 requested reviews in 20 BMJ Group journalsChapman, Simon
14-Mar-2013Spatio-temporal differences in the history of health and noise complaints about Australian wind farms: evidence for the psychogenic, “communicated disease” hypothesis.Chapman, Simon; St.George, Alexis; Waller, Karen; Cakic, Vince
2007Structural elements in achieving legislative tobacco control in NSW, 1955-95: political reflections and implications.Hooker, C; Chapman, Simon
28-May-2014Summary of main conclusions reached in 22 reviews of the research literature on wind farms and health.Chapman, Simon; Simonetti, Teresa
26-Jul-2013Supplementary files - What do we know about unassisted smoking cessation in Australia? A systematic review, 2005-2012Smith, Andrea L; Chapman, Simon; Dunlop, Sally
2012Surveys to measure the impact and uptake of health intervention researchCohen, Gillian E; Schroeder, Jacqueline; Chapman, Simon; Rychetnik, Lucie; King, Lesley; Milat, Andrew; Bauman, Adrian
8-May-2014Symptoms, Diseases and Aberrant Behaviours Attributed to Wind Turbine ExposureChapman, Simon
7-May-2014Tribute to Emeritus Professor Stephen Leeder from Professor Simon ChapmanChapman, Simon; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
1995Very good punter-speak. How journalists frame the news on public healthChapman, Simon; McCarthy, Sophie; Lupton, Deborah
Sep-2013What do we know about unassisted smoking cessation in Australia? A systematic review, 2005–2012Smith, Andrea L; Chapman, Simon; Dunlop, Sally M
Showing results 10 to 29 of 30